New moon in Libra and full moon in Aries!

This month, starting on the 24th, we have new moon in Libra. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Ancient people called Venus the goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure. Venus is also associated with financial gains in astrology. People born under the astrological sign Libra use their charm, social skills, and diplomacy to get what they want. Sometimes Librans can be a bit indecisive. They see both sides of the picture and it becomes difficult for them to choose between two options. This is why they need and admire the directness of Aries individuals.

On October 8th, we also have a full lunar eclipse in Aries. The astrological sign Aries is ruled by Mars. The planet Mars brings to light the assertive, vigorous, energetic, dynamic and aggressive side of the human psyche. Aries is a fire sign and rules the first house of the zodiac. The first house is associated with self. Aries individuals are attracted to Libra’s  charm and diplomacy.

Libra is an air sign opposite Aries and rules the seventh house of partnership. Aries and Libra are both cardinal signs and have no problem taking action. Therefore they will both take action, but their reason and approach for taking action will differ.

We may not be born under the Sun or Ascendant sign of Aries and Libra, but all people born on earth have Venus and Mars in their birth charts. Furthermore, some of them might have other planets in Aries and Libra. They might also have planets in their first and seventh house. With all these possible combinations, all humans have to deal and work with energies of these planets!

I’ve started out with an introduction to the upcoming new and full moon. Please stay tuned for part two.

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The base aspects

Humans only occupy a tiny speck of the infinite universe, but that doesn’t separate us from it. There is a universal force that keeps everything connected. We are alive because the sun is at an optimal distance from earth and this provides the right amount of sunlight to sustain life. In essence, sunlight is essential for life on earth; plant life depends on sunlight and we in turn depend on plant life.

We are all interconnected through technology. We are effected, whether directly or indirectly by what happens in the other parts of the globe. For example, music playing on the radio can be heard by a person in the same town or another country, and it may affect their mood. In the same manner, astrologers correlate the speed and distance of celestial bodies from each other to ascertain shifts in human psyche. In understanding the roles of celestial bodies, we will start out with the sun, ascendent and moon.

In astrology, the sun is our core and rules the sign of Leo. It is our ego and our inner child; its purpose is to make us shine. We are happiest when we live life true to our sun sign. When we are young, we are only familiar with our sun. As we grow older, through interaction with other people, we learn that not all of our actions are well received by society and therefore certain compromises are necessary.

In order to protect ourselves, we try to fit in by adopting to the norms of society. This is where our ascendant or rising sign comes in. We come to this earth with our sun sign and learn to adapt to our rising sign as we grow older. In order to survive, we have to connect to other human beings on an emotional level. The moon takes an active roll in shaping our emotional aspects. In astrology, the moon shows us how we nurture others and like to be nurtured.

The initial combination of the sun, ascendant or rising sign, and the moon determine a lot about our growth. Once we have this base, we can start to factor in other celestial bodies. I will explain other aspects in future posts. Thank you for reading and I hope you come back to explore our next topic.

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Introduction to astrology

In astrology, time and place of birth are considered very important. The time and place determines our sun sign (also known as rising sign) and the location of all the planets. This is referred to as the birth or natal chart. According to astrology, the positions of the celestial bodies in the birth chart will influence a person’s life.

There are twelve signs of the zodiac. Ten signs are ruled by a planet while Leo is ruled by sun and cancer is ruled by moon. In astrology, Pluto is still considered a planet and it has great significance.

The astrological chart begins with sun sign Aries and ends in the sign of Pisces. We can compare an astrological chart to a wall clock, small hand on the clock shows hour (sun) and long hand which moves faster shows minutes (moon). Sun takes thirty days to move through a sign, while moon takes a little over two days to go through each sign. Each zodiac sign gets a new moon and a full moon every year. It’s rare to have more then one new or full moon per sign in a given year. A new moon brings new beginnings in certain part of our lives. The full moon is known for bringing to light or completion whatever we started a while back. When there is a new or full moon in a zodiac sign (constellation), issues related to that sign become important to us.

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