Neptune, the door between two worlds!

Each and every soul that has ever lived on the planet earth has felt its presence. This planet of fog, and illusion had inspired many to provide true selfless service, and yet this same planet has brought mass delusion to others. How can Neptune have such diverse effects, for some it is total ecstasy for others it is total despair. Neptune represents duel nature of the human psyche. People born with strong Neptune can feel those extremes throughout their lives. Neptune ruler of the sea is as mystical as the creatures that live at the bottom of the sea. Neptune rules secrets, self sacrifice, hidden enemies, and subconscious mind. Living with Neptune can be quite painful specially if we don’t tap into the lessons it provides. This planet of fog and illusion is known to bring chaos and confusion into our lives, yet we can also learn through its lessons to heal ourselves and others. It works as a wave that washes ashore to bring sea life, shells, and pearl as a gift and takes away all that was left there.
The planet Neptune is known for dissolving boundaries between reality and illusion. Many artists, poets,  and painters, are born under strong influence of the Neptune. It is the parts they play, their songs, music, lyrics, paintings, and art that inspires and attracts millions. These artists play certain roles that public loves and adores, and soon enough it becomes part of their public identity. Neptune works like fog, wave, fume, smoke, and mist that can cross barriers. Pisces and its ruler Neptune can show us the side of humanity that is full of compassion, love and sacrifice. Yet its duel nature could also bring to our attention the mass delusions of the society, where a person or a group believes that they have the right philosophy, or belief system that needs to be followed. The planet Neptune can be reason for that blind spot in our thinking, and to deal with this fog we must be willing to question all our assumptions.
Neptune is the door between two worlds, it is time before the birth of our universe, when billions of galaxies and star systems were contained inside a tiny atom. Neptune also represents time when cycle of completion or ending is upon us. With Neptune line between reality and illusion becomes blurry. Its dual nature can be inspiring or maddening. Its greater purpose is to bring compassion and unity to all.

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New moon in Pisces!( March, month of opportunities)!

Hello, star sign visitor, This new moon on February 18th, is about to take you to a whole different world. It is in very close contact with the highly intuitive, and emotional planet Neptune. Dear reader, this new moon asks, what inspires you? What are your dreams, wishes and desires that you need to fulfill? Neptune is the planet that dissolves boundaries, it is the planet that reminds us to have faith, look around, all those marvels of art,( sculptures, paintings, music, beautiful architecture,) were once part of someone’s imagination. All creativity starts with our imagination. Pisces is the sign of the very gifted, and creative people. It also rules compassion and charity. so dear reader if you are  thinking I am not an artist, writer, musician or a painter, no worries, it is that creative force that will influence you, how you use it is up to you. Now new moon brings energy that you need to use, it is not a magical wand that wishes are fulfilled instantaneously, well sometimes Neptune can create miracles, but with Saturn in such a close square to the new moon,  we will have to devote all of our time and energy towards achieving our goals. Saturn is a tough teacher that will make us work long and hard and he is always there to remind us to be practical. So with arrival of this new moon on February 18, start working on your dreams, be creative, (sun; ruler of the heart, desire, creative force; moon ruler of our emotions, feelings; and Neptune, soul) put your heart and soul into it. It may take long, you will have to work hard, but Neptune is there to inspire you. Neptune is the planet of selfless love, and spirituality, it believes in oneness of everything, and giving to others without the expectation of anything in return.
Dear reader, being selfless can become a tiny bit difficult after 20th, February, as Mars, the planet of action and energy will move into the Aries. In Pisces it was full of compassion but It is very energetic in the fire sign Aries, here mars believes in the passionate love. Specially around 21st, 22nd, that’s when Venus planet of love and luxury will join Mars in the Aries. now there is no stopping you from going after whatever your heart desires. Moon is also joining the party, talk about emotionally charged. Specially with crazy, electric Uranus close by you never know what comes up. One word of caution, astrological sign Pisces and its ruler Neptune also rules, pharmaceuticals, drugs, alcohol, all medicine, fumes, and water related activities. We are going to have hard aspect from planet Saturn to the Sun in Pisces on 22nd, 23rd, so Neptune related activities may not go so well. As sun is in close conjunction to Neptune( planet of fog and confusion) make sure you know all the facts before finalizing any plans. It is good day for doing creative and charitable work. Pluto the planet of power and control is also not too happy with the rebellious Uranus, so keeping things under control will be ideal, these two planets  stay in hard aspects to each other through out the month of march, having said that there are high energy aspects coming your way dear reader. Starting march 1st, We have a wonderful fire  trine between planets. With the passage of each day you will feel the energy built up, until we reach the full moon and few days beyond. This trine is going to bring quite a bit of energy, used properly, it could be a source of great creative force, but if not controlled it could bring haste, and crazy rash behavior.  Dear reader, Planet mars is going to provide you energy, Uranus is there to make you innovative and creative, Neptune will inspire you to dream big, Saturn is there to make you realistic, and show you how to achieve your goals, and Venus and Jupiter will bring luck and opportunity. Dear visitor, first week of march is about to bring you many surprising  opportunities, choose one dream that’s close to your heart and start working on it. I will post my forecasts for the full moon soon. It is in the astrological sign of Virgo, which deals with labor, health and services. Until then good bye, and good luck with all your new ventures!
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New moon in Aquarius, Full moon in Leo (forecast)!

Hello star sign visitor, If you are care free, highly independent person that loves to work on their own schedule, (specially an electronics junkie) spend most of your time around modern technology then you are in luck because you are going to love this new moon on 20th, January. Don’t worry, even if you are not into all that  crazy digital world around you, there are opportunities for everyone to benefit from this new moon. This new moon is about to open a door of opportunity to learn new things, explore new worlds, go where your imagination takes you. We are talking about Aquarius new moon, and its ruler Uranus. Aquarius is a sign that doesn’t believe in limitation or boundaries, with its ruler Uranus in charge of this new moon, any thing and everything is possible. This moon makes good aspects to Saturn, planet that is known for long term planning. Saturn rules maturity and older generation, while Uranus has strong influence over youths. Uranus is planet known to bring rebellion, shocks and surprises. All scientific discoveries, new creative ideas, sudden intuition, and futuristic technology come under the sign of Aquarius. This  new moon could also shift our focus towards humanitarian causes or environmental issues. Now there is going to be a little problem when it come to all these communications and technologies. Mercury planet of communications, travel, and transportation is changing direction. Mercury goes retro on 21st January, so for next three weeks all electronic communications, travel, transportation could have issues, but we are talking mercury retro in Aquarius sign of the crazy, genius, so there will always be weird, out of ordinary fixes. With mercury retro, it is the time to go back to all those old ideas, projects that you started but never had time to finish. Now influence of this new moon stays in effect for next 4 weeks, but its effects are strongest in first two weeks. As we get close to February 3rd, we will start to feel the influence of the full moon in Leo strongly. Leo is the sign of royalty. Celebrities, head of the states, and all famous people come under this sign. Leo rules fun activities, youth, and young at heart.  This full moon is all about being creative, loving what ever you do, and having fun with it. This Leo full moon is in close contact to the planet of fortune and expansion Jupiter. Jupiter tells us to dream big, look at the big picture, have an optimistic outlook for our future. Now this full moon combines energy of optimistic Jupiter with energetic surprising, and shocking Uranus and the Sun. It is quite a mix of excitement. Whatever this moon brings will surely be unexpected and surprising. For some Uranus can be little too much energy to handle, mixed with Jupiter it can bring out rash, crazy, arrogant side in some people, but for most part it’s very positive energy. It is time to use creative force within you, and enjoy the excitement this full moon brings you. Thanks for visiting!

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Full moon in the sign of Cancer!

Hello, star sign visitors, hopefully you had time to read my last post, it was about the new moon in the sign of Capricorn, influence of the new moon stays in affect till the arrival of the next new moon. Dear reader, now let’s look at the influence of this full moon. This moon comes to its fullness on January 5th, in the astrological sign of Cancer. It is highly a emotional water sign. Our home and family come under the sign of Cancer.
Cancer is known as the nurturer of the zodiac. Occupations related to it deal with the food industry, safety, security, fishery, sailing, ships and shipments. The new moon was all about our long term goals, hierarchy and achievements, now with arrival of this full moon, issues related to family, home, safety, security also become the focus of our attention. We will start to feel the effects of this full moon few days in advance and its influence may last for few days. This full moon is about to activate the square between three cardinal(action oriented) signs(Cancer, Capricorn, and Aries).Cancer is all about home, family, safety, security. Capricorn rules our goals, achievement, and what we accomplish in the world, it rules structure, boundaries, and long term plans. All governments, corporation, businesses, properties come under the sign of Capricorn. This full moon also makes hard aspect to Uranus in Aries, so there may be unexpected surprises that come quite suddenly. Emotions will be intense as we get close to this full moon. Good news is that we have favourable aspects between Saturn, mercury and Venus. If we are not in  a rush to settle things and take our time, then we have a better chance of finding solution to the problems that may come up.            

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New moon in sign of Capricorn (forecast)

Hello star sign visitors, if you are wondering what to expect with this new moon in Capricorn then you have come to the right place. Dear reader if you are financially savvy, know how to budget, good with business dealings, and take charge kind of person then you are in luck because this new moon will open the door of opportunity to mix and mingle with powerful people, but you must walk through the door to get to where you want to be. This new moon of December 21st, is in highly ambitious sign of  the Capricorn. It requires us to focus our attention like a beam of light on our goals, make long term plans, work hard and not give up until we have achieved all our objectives. As we get closer to the full moon we will be faced with many obstacles, so it is good idea to begin our projects before the arrival of the full moon. 
Now lets look at few details, on December 21st, we have the sun, the moon, mercury, Venus, Pluto all in close contact in the of sign of Capricorn. People born under this sign believe in achievements through hard work. No matter how many obstacles come their way, they will not give up their dreams. Capricorn knows how to get to the top of the ladder. Governments, corporations, businesses large and small come under this sign. Everyone born on this earth has astrological sign Capricorn somewhere in their birth chart so we all will feel its influence in our lives.
After December 20th our focus will shift towards financial matters. Mercury transits through this sign could bring us opportunity to travel for business purpose, sign contract, or negotiate business deals. with Venus(planet of love, pleasures, money) close by opportunities are there to have financial backing, and with Pluto(power house) we can start to make transformational changes. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn is known for dealing with hard core facts, self control and maturity. Long term projects and planning also comes under Capricorn. So if you had made any big plans in past weeks and months, you can put them into action. December 24th might bring few obstacles due to square between mercury and Uranus so don’t use this date for new initiation, not a good idea to bring out issues for discussion. Doing something new and different is o.k but going wild is another thing. Sometimes these aspects could bring out wild and rebellious side in people (specially younger generation) Uranus is also changing from retro to direct on 22nd December. Dates close to December 24th could bring few surprising obstacles, but Capricorn is known for its patience and perseverance, so we can find a way to solve our issues. Saturn will also change sign, it will move from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 23rd, when a planet changes direction or sign, it is an indication of changes in society’s psyche and values. With Saturn’s move to Sagittarius issues related to laws, faith, religion, university level education, foreign places, cultures will be reformed. Changes Saturn brings might take a while but these reforms will be permanent. I will talk about it in detail in my next few post. This new moon is in close contact with planet of compassion, inspiration, and creativity, Neptune, so using all those creative ideas can bring great benefits. We have a full moon on January 4th in astrological sign of Cancer, I will write about the January 4th, full moon in my next post. Thanks for visiting and happy holidays!!

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New moon in Sagittarius, full moon in Gemini (forecast)

The new Moon is in Sagittarius, November 22, there is also a full moon in  Gemini December 6th.
November 22nd we have a new moon in the sign of Sagittarius. It brings to our attention issues related to higher education ,travel (long distance), law, faith,  and ethics. Publishing industry, and diverse cultures also come under astrological sign of Sagittarius. We have two weeks to begin our work but the best time for the new initiation is right after the arrival of new moon.
Friday November 29th we have first square (hard aspects) between the sun, currently in optimistic fire sign of Sagittarius, and the moon in watery emotional sign Pisces. Our desires and our emotional needs might bring conflict. Pisces rules drugs, alcohol, so care should be taken in consumption of those substances. As energies of fire(enthusiasm) and water signs (emotion) don’t blend well.       
Beginning of December brings great opportunities because the Sun, mercury, and Venus  are transiting through optimistic sign of Sagittarius and  Jupiter its ruler is in the fun loving, generous sign of Leo. December 1st, moon is in conjunction to Uranus planet of surprises and makes good aspects to the Sun. The same day we also have a square between mercury( planet of communications) and Neptune(fog, inspiration), we need to make sure that we are aware of all the details before we finalize our  plans. December 3rd, the Moon moves to the practical and calm sign of Taurus (finance, long term plans). It’s a good day to put our plans in to practical use. With the Moon in Taurus we take our time in making decisions but once we are  done planning and take action we have great determination to see that our plans come to completion. December 3rd, 4th the Sun is in very good aspects to planet of surprises Uranus, and Venus planet of love and pleasures is in close contact  with Jupiter which could bring  us surprising  opportunities. December 4th action planet Mar moves to Aquarius(sign of rebellion, independence and genius) and now energy shifts towards bringing  change through the use of communications, and doing things outside the box.
Throughout the month of December we have a very tight (close) 90 degree square between Pluto the planet of death, rebirth, transformation, power, and control currently in Capricorn and Uranus the planet of rebellion, shocks, and surprises. These are very tough aspects, but it all depends on the location of a person’s birth planets. Contact between outer planets and person’s natal planets can intensify, or reduce the intensity of these hard aspects. Pluto is also known as planet of power, and Uranus is known for sudden surprises and craze. With so much energy built up, if someone acts out of character, seems agitated, then it may not be a bad idea to move away from such situations, and not complicate things by arguing back.
          We have full moon in astrological sign of Gemini December 6th. Gemini is ruled by planet mercury. Sagittarius is known for looking at broader picture, while Gemini loves to gather and disperse information. With full moon in Gemini people are very communicative and versatile. Short distance travel,  all communications, technology, news,1st through 12th grade education, siblings, transportation, contracts all come under the sign of Gemini and its ruler mercury. Full moon will bring to light, fullness or completion matters related to the astrological sign of Gemini.  This full moon squares planet Neptune. Neptune is known for creating fog and confusion,  it is in good aspects to Uranus, planet known for bringing us surprises, and this moon has its last contact with planet Jupiter(fortune and expansion), and ( planet of pleasures )Venus.                                                                                                                                                       December 12th we have trine between mercury and Jupiter. hopefully we have fortunate news coming our way. It’s also a good day to share our ideas and solve issues through dialogue. December 14th brings fortunate exchange between the sun and Jupiter. We are in optimistic mood and we can work on all those big plans that we have been putting off for later date.  Effects of these planetary energies can be felt a day or two in advance as these planets get closer to each other, and their effects dissipate as they move further apart. In month of  December we have many planets in fire signs. Fire signs bring alot of action and energy into our lives. How we use those energies is up to us.  I wish you all very pleasant and happy holidays. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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November Forecast

We will have a full moon on November 6th, in the astrological sign of Taurus. Last month we had new moon eclipse on October 23 in the sign of Scorpio. Taurus and Scorpio are considered the financial signs in astrology. Scorpio rules the 8th house of other people’s resources, death, rebirth, debt, and loans. October’s new moon brought us opportunity to deal with issues related to those matters. Now with the arrival of the this full moon we are focused on our personal possessions and resources.
This full moon in highly practical earth sign Taurus makes good aspects to Pluto( known as the planet of power, and transformation) and Mars( planet of action and energy). This month our focus should be on practical and long term planning towards achieving our financial goals. Taurus is a sign that loves to enjoy good food, entertainment, and daily pleasures of life. Arrival of the full moon also brings us the opportunity to entertain our self with good food, wine,   movie, visit an art gallery, or purchase something of the value. Moon’s last aspect is an opposition to the Saturn, (planet of restrictions). It is Saturn’s job to remind us of our limits and responsibilities.
We can feel the effects of the full moon couple of days earlier, at its fullness or few days later. On November 12th Venus( planet of love, money, pleasures) conjuncts Saturn(planet of restrictions, and hard work). We are required to focus on serious, long term relationship, and financial issues. Same day mars the planet of action and energy squares Uranus, planet known for bringing shocks and surprises, not a good day to rush things, discuss matters that could cause arguments. November 17th Sun conjunct Saturn. Very energy draining day. Effects of these planetary aspects could be felt within a time frame of a day or two.  Close to those dates people can became critical, edgy, or argumentative. It is best to use those planetary energies by finishing projects that require time, effort and hard work.
On November 22rd we have new moon in the astrological sign of Sagittarius. We leave the intensity of Scorpio and move to energetic fun loving fire sign. Jupiter is in Leo(fire sign) and with Sun moving to the sign of Sagittarius, we have  the Sun and  the Jupiter  in mutual reception, what it means is that Sun and Jupiter can work together towards achieving common goals.  All matters related to the children and entertainments come under the  Sun and  the astrological sign of Leo . Sagittarius is the sign known for knowledge, learning, law, foreign people and different cultures. Jupiter is considered the planet of good fortune, expansion, and higher education(university, college). It also expends our knowledge through the travel and interaction with the different cultures. On November 22rd our focus shifts to the issues  related to the sign of Sagittarius.
This new moon is in very close conjunction to the Saturn planet of the restrictions, planning, and practicality. Saturn is there to reminds us to be practical and stay within our limits. Also Pluto( power) and Uranus planet of shocks and surprises are forming close square (hard aspects). New moons open the pathway for new beginning in a certain area of our lives. Our birth charts will show us the area of this new beginning. For example if the new moon arrive in the 9th house of our birth chart, then we can choose to travel, go to college for higher degree, we may decide to study abroad, or choose to learn something online. There are many other ways we can use the energy of the new moon in our ninth house. New moon brings opportunities and new beginnings but we must make sure we have all the details before we make commitments because the planet Neptune(fog, confusion) makes square(hard) contact to the moon. Paying attention to details will be very important, if we can keep this cation in mind, this moon says go out and explore the world, specially around 26th November when Venus planet of  love, money and pleasures  linkup with the Uranus (planet of surprises).
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We Are A Part of Stardust

Billions of years ago there was darkness, then came the big bang and light, it was the time of the birth of our universe. As all that matter from big bang spread, it created millions of galaxies and billions of star systems. Our galaxy the milky way was created, in the outer spiral of its’ arm a star was born, it came to be known as our sun, and from a speck of a dust cloud, around our sun, our earth and rest of planets of our solar system formed. As the earth cooled over time, it formed an atmosphere. It took millions of years of cycles for water to run through the earth and as the temperature dropped life flourished, Soon we had a living breathing planet called earth. We humans are a part of those cycles. We come to this world from the unknown, where we had no sense of our existence, or conscience of our being alive. Our sun is at the center of our solar system, it is the giver of life and light. In astrology the sun is our core, our true being our light that needs to shine. When we look at the sun we see that it gives life and light to every living thing, it has no ego or self interest, It rules our heart, what it tells us is that we should be generous, open hearted and not be so self centered. In astrology Sun rules the fire sign Leo. All life was created from water and as humans our body contains 70 percent water. Life on earth couldn’t exist without it. We are emotional beings, we connect with each other through our feelings. Astrology tells us that the moon rules our emotions. Different cycles of the moon from the new moon to the full moon, to the last quarter moon effects how we feel. The moon rules the sign of cancer, and 4th house of home, family. It is visible at night, that’s when things get quite, we all go back to our homes, families, and withdraw. It tells us to take time off from the daily chaos of our lives, to love and nurture people around us. True happiness comes to us when we are willing to live according to our true nature of the sun(light, self) and share our feelings(the moon) with others.

We live in the world where sharing of the knowledge, and communicating with others are essential for our growth. In astrology planet mercury is responsible for the human progress through learning. Mercury reminds us to be truly happy we must learn to share our thoughts, feelings, skills and achievements with others. To take action, and to go after our goals we need planet Mars. It’s named after Roman god of war. Due to it’s reddish appearance it is called the red planet. In astrology it’s known for its energy and force. It rules astrological signs Aries and Scorpio. It gives us energy, courage, momentum to take action. It reminds us that we cannot accomplish much without taking risk. Venus is the second planet in our solar system. It’s is named after goddess of love and beauty. It reminds us how important it is to work with others, to share, to be civil and polite, not all issues can to be solved through aggression. In astrology this planet of love and beauty rules Libra and Taurus. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It’s gas giant. It is two and a half times more massive then all the planets in our solar system. Jupiter is named after the king of Roman gods. Jupiter reminds us that life is full of adventures and excitement, to be happy we must be open minded, travel, meet people from different cultures. it rules Sagittarius and the 9th house of travel, law, religion. It is considered the planet of good luck and expansion. It asks us to be optimistic and live life to the fullest. Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system, it is considered planet of restrictions, delays, limitation, and hard work. With Saturn we learn that life is not all fun and games, we must work hard if we want to achieve something of value. Its lessons are never easy, but whatever is gained will last. Sometimes Saturn can make a person a pessimist or a workaholic. It rules 10th house and astrological sign Capricorn.

Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun. It is ruler of the astrological sign Aquarius. Uranus rules 11th house in astrology. People born under astrological sign Aquarius are great humanitarians. Uranus rules large groups of people. People born under this astrological sign can also be very independent and rebellious. Planet Uranus reminds us that we should try to think outside the box, life can become interesting if we try different things, and we are more innovative when we are not stuck in a same routine. Uranus brings shocks and surprises to free us from restrictions, its purpose is to bring the gift of independence to humanity. Neptune is ruler of astrological sign Pisces. Neptune rules over water,liquids, medicine, drugs, movies, art, music, it dissolves boundaries, people born with strong Neptune in their charts are highly emotional and creative.  Neptune rules fog, illusions, delusions, and spirituality. It rules 12th house of endings in astrology. It reminds us that we are part of this infinite universe, and we are all one and connected. If we are willing to sacrifice for others, we will receive in return. What is required of us is to show love and compassion towards our fellow humans.

Pluto may no longer be considered a planet but it still holds great power in astrology. Pluto is known for its transformational powers, it is called the planet of death and rebirth. Our sexual relations, finances, loans, debt, all come under Pluto, and sign of Scorpio. Pluto rules 8th house in astrology. Pluto reminds us that, we were given this beautiful living, breathing planet earth, we hold the transformational power within us, we can use it wisely towards rebuilding, and for the betterment of society, or abuse this power and bring death and destruction. We are part of this universe. We contain all the elements that are part of our galaxy and our solar system within us. We are born with the influence of these planetary cycles on our environment, and since we are part of this environment, we are also effected by it. What stars cannot tell us is our Destiny, planet show us the conditions and circumstances, not the outcome.

Thanks for liking my posts,  I hope to see you back on my blog!

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Full Moon in Aries – Part II

Around the full Moon eclipse on October 8th, we have the moon in Aries conjunct Uranus. In astrology, Uranus is considered planet of new and futuristic ideas. It works at a lighting bolt speed. It is electronic, innovative,  unconventional, surprising, humanitarian, and genius. Uranus also has its negative side, it is the planet of rebelliousness, shocks, surprises, and craze. If a planet is in conjunction (very close in alignment) to another planet it will effect characteristics of that planet. In this Moon conjunct Uranus, whatever comes up could be surprising or shocking. Hopefully it is surprising in a good way.

Moon rules Cancer, and Cancer is a cardinal sign (action taker). People with Cancer Sun, Moon or rising sign love to nurture and protect. Cancer is water sign; highly emotional and takes action for safety reasons. Around the full Moon time, Sun and Moon will both form a square (90 degree angle) to Pluto (planet of transformation and power). Pluto is transiting through Capricorn for the past few years.

Capricorn is another cardinal sign and an Earth sign. People born under Capricorn are  practical, highly ambitious, and very hard working. They know how to achieve their goals. Capricorn gains respect and admiration of others through hard work and achievement. Pluto is currently in Capricorn. Pluto rules over power and transformation, while Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) is known for control and authority. It limits and restrict. Everyone in their birth chart has Saturn, depending on its sign and house position, a person will feel limits and restrictions in that area of life, and the only way to over come those restrictions is through very hard work,  persistence and patience.

With all the cardinal signs active during full moon, there is a desire to take action but everyone has a different idea and wants to go in different direction. With Jupiter (luck, expansion, opportunity) working with Mars (action) and Uranus (surprises), hopefully in the end it can work out.

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Full moon in Aries

A new moon occurs when the sun and moon conjunct in a zodiac sign. The new moon works as an ambassador; it takes the sun’s message through each zodiac sign. With a new moon during September, we started out with a planet of love, peace, and diplomacy. On October 8th, we will have full moon eclipse in Aries (Mars rules this eclipse). Full moon tends to be more emotional by nature. When sun and moon are in more compatible signs then things work out well. Outside influences work well with our inner needs (emotions). An aspect is considered negative, when squared at 90 degrees or in opposition at 180 degrees. When there are negative aspects between sun and moon then there is a need for compromise and adjustments.

At the time of new and full moons, there might be other planets in those signs. These planets have an important role to play. For example, Mercury (ruler of Gemini and Virgo) will be in Libra for most part of this and next month. Mercury is associated with human thought, language and communication. Travel, reading, writing, education, technology, electronics, and the internet all are influenced by Mercury. Ancient people thought of Mercury as messenger of Gods.

In the sign of Libra, Mercury communicates the need for partnership to accomplish our goals. Mercury is about to go retro on October 4th. With Mercury retro, progress will slow down and we need to go back and reevaluate our goals. Buying expensive items and signing new contracts is not a good idea during the Mercury retro phase. It can also have people from our past get in touch or come back to us. There is a possibility that people around us become indecisive and decisions might get delayed.

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