World of Neptune!

In astrology each planet represents certain energies, let’s look at Neptune, it is known as master of illusions. Its energy impulses can be illusive, inspiring, creative, or maddening. It represents height of glamour and depths of sorrow. Neptune dissolves boundaries between reality and illusion. Let’s see how its influence can be felt in our modern day lives.
Today’s world is filled with glamorous images. It is a place where reality is merging with fantasy. In modern day society everything is shared and glorified on a grand scale, from vast corners of our world billions of people connect and share their lives in technology based cyber world. We live in an era where influences of our outer world can also become part of our digital world. As millions of  images are being broadcasted and vast numbers of stories shared online, we are crossing boundaries of space and time and uniting on a grand scale, that’s how mystical world of Neptune works. Influence of this planet is felt on very subtle level, it works like fog; mist that can’t be contained within boundaries, it inspires humanity towards, unity, compassion and love, but Neptune also has its shadow side where reality merges with illusions, and it is difficult to distinguish between reality and fabrication. Humanity is creating an imaginary world that partly reflects our real world.
This cyber mind connected through vast networks, electric signals, and storage capacity, is a place where humanity shares its impulses. Right now we look at this vast network as wires and connections, but behind these connections are living humans being, these billions of minds are unconsciously contributing and developing a large organism. Will the haze of Neptune that runs through these connections provides it with the soul,( light, love and compassion). Or will we live with Neptune’s shadows? what kind of reflection will humanity see through these mirrors?
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Astrological birth chart!

A birth chart is our astrological clock, with 12 numbers representing 12 astrological signs or division of our sky containing 12 constellations. The sun takes a month to pass through each astrological sign, while the moon takes almost a month to pass through all those astrological signs, these celestial bodies work like hands on a clock, the sun moves slowly, while the moon moves much faster.
Now imagine after the birth of a child you had taken a picture of that child, as that child grows and interacts with others, he learns and develops his personality, as he grows he evolves, after many years he may not have anything in common with that picture, but he is still that same person, his hereditary qualities, his DNA, his birth parents, siblings, and relatives will not change, no matter where he goes and how he lives.
In the same way the astrological birth chart can be compared to a person’s infancy, in the beginning it is raw and undeveloped, but with passage of time it will grow into its full potential. It works as person’s foundation, it is a cosmic imprint on a person’s life and it will stay with him throughout his life, and  through this lens he will see the world, learn, and grow.
Our astrological chart contains within itself the story of our life, it not only shows us our interactions with our family, friends, and partners, but also how we interact with the world at large. The birth chart tells the story of our past, present, and of our future possibilities.
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New moon May 18th, full moon June 2nd!

Hello star sign visitor, each month we have new moon in a sign, This month we have the new moon on May18th, at 26 degrees Taurus. Let’s see what to expect with arrival of this moon. Taurus is the sign associated with business ventures, financial matters, acquisition of wealth, material security and status. You might have been working on those issues for past few weeks due to the many planets( mars, mercury, Venus) passage through the Taurus, so if you have already put your plans into action, like moved to higher paying job, gotten a raise,  promotion, started saving then you have already started the process, but if for some reason things haven’t worked well for you then this moon is about to energize you to take action. Now this new moon will bring few obstacles and delays due to opposition from the planet Saturn. The same day planet of communication, travel and contracts(mercury) will also turn retro, with this planet of communication retro we need to go back and fix things, get in touch with our past contacts like old friends and colleagues. Dear reader, your opportunities might come from the people  you already know and have worked with.

On the 21st, may the Sun moves to Gemini. Gemini is a duel natured sign, people born under this sign are known for their multi tasking skills. Gemini are also known for their fabulous communication abilities and technological skills, as planets transit through this sign, we will focus our attention on multi tasking, it might become difficult to make choices due to the multiple options to choose from, opportunities may also come through more than one source, but try to refrain from making hasty decision because  mercury will be at hard angle to the Neptune, so you may not have the clear picture of the whole situation, there is a possibility of misjudgment, miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Days between 21st, may through 2nd, June and few day beyond could bring obstacles, around the 21st, 22nd, Saturn will be in opposition to the sun, it is a stressful aspect. Saturn the planet known to rule older and authoritative people, when at odds with the sun could bring forceful and controlling people into one’s life. The sun rules our vitality, energy, and fun so this transit can have depressing or draining effects on people. Saturn also rules structures and bones, rushing to get things done is not a good option, this aspect may bring delays and restrictions. Best way to handle these energies, is to work diligently through the problem and not to rush. Specially 21st, through the 26th, could be time of confusion and miscommunication, you may have to tackle multiple tasks and your attention may also get diverted in many different directions.

Once we are past first few days of June, tides will start to turn and our energy and optimism will return, and as we get closer to mid month mercury will turn direct. We will have new moon in Gemini June 16th. From this point onwards there will be many positive opportunities and surprises coming till the end of June. Mercury will square Neptune in may and part of June, so it would be wise to check all the details before making any commitment because with Neptune comes fog and confusion.
Dear reader, this month after the 20th, many planet will transit through Gemini,  if you are working in communication, travel, transportation, or electronics industry then you will be one busy bee, and even if this month brings few obstacles, with the arrival of June your optimism will return and you will start to see the rewards of all that hard work. Mid June you will have many opportunities and surprises coming your way as Jupiter, the sun, and Uranus will be sending positive energies. Now you do need to check you birth(natal) chart to see if these transits effect any natal planet, because it could intensify or reduce those effects. Your birth chart also shows you areas of your life that are being influenced.

New moon in Taurus,( values, possessions, finances, income)
After 21st, sun in Gemini, (education, transportation, electronics, media, internet, communication, youth, siblings, short distance travel, local, smaller parts, sharing of ideas, learning, dispersal of information)
Full moon June 2nd,(Sagittarius, college, university, education, long distance travel, global, faith, cultures, law, publishing, broadcasting, intellectual properties, big picture, optimism)!
May 21st, through 26th, may bring obstacles and delays, rushing things will not help.
Full moon 2nd, June, in Sagittarius makes good aspect to Jupiter, planet of travel, cultures, law, education, faith, opportunities, optimism, but squares Neptune, over optimism, or rushing things could cause problems, Neptune is known to cloud judgment.

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The Universe, Planetary Cycles, and Humanity

Hello, star sign visitor, you may be wondering how astrology works? Is there such a thing as planetary cycles influencing people’s lives? Well, dear reader that you will have to decide for yourself. I am here to only present ideas. Astrology is the observation of planetary cycles and its influence on our society. In astrology results are not based on the experiments, knowledge is gained through observation. Present day astrologers are not star gazers, they use modern day technology to chart the maps of our sky, and to calculate the planetary distance and angles.

To understand how astrology works, we must know how forces within our universe work. Our universe was created with an energy blast, and everything around is a part of that energy. Life here on Earth is possible due to the energy of our Sun. Our Earths magnetic field works as a protective shield against the Suns deadly radiation. The Suns gravity keeps the other planets locked in circular motion at a safe distance. All these invisible forces in our universe and here on earth play a crucial role in the survival and advancement of our species. Some of these forces are quite noticeable, but there are other forces in our universe that work behind the scenes to bring changes, such as dark matter, dark energy, and black holes. Their effects on our universe can’t be denied. It is the same way with astrology, we observe planetary energies or forces that work behind the scene to create certain shifts and changes in our society. Astrologers have observed that these changes occur as planets align or make contact at a certain angle.

We live in an interconnected world, and use many modern day technologies, yet we rarely pay attention to the forces behind those advancements. These are electromagnetic waves, microwaves, cosmic waves, invisible to the naked eye, but its effects on humanity through the use of the latest technology cannot be denied. Our televisions, cellphones, satellites, microwaves, and many other modern day developments are possible due to the use of these energy waves. It is due to the use of these energy waves and modern day technology that we can see and hear much farther in distance than ever before. With modern day technology, humans can create vast changes around the world without their physical presence there.

The human body contains billions of cells. These cells perform countless functions without our knowledge. These cells need energy to function and reproduce. If these tiny cells don’t get energy through food, they will stop working properly and it could wreak havoc on our bodies. Our universe functions no different than our bodies. Billions of galaxies and star systems are contained within this large body called the universe, and our solar system is probably like a tiny little cell. We are living inside this tiny bubble, unaware of its influence on us, or our on this planet. Through the study of astrology we learn that we are not separated from the universe around us. Forces influencing larger bodies will also have effects on us.

Our DNA, is invisible to the naked eye but it contains our genetic code. It can, not only tell us what we inherited from our Great Grand-Parents, but it can also show us the possibilities for our future survival. Similarly, astrology shows us that at the moment of our birth, there was a cosmic imprint on our being that will stay with us throughout our lives, and it will work as our foundation upon which we must build. All those planetary transits and cycles are there to guide us with that process.

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That Pesky little Pluto!

That pesky little Pluto, some call it dark lord of the under world, others refer to it as planet of death and transformation, even taxes come under its domain. It was discovered in 1930. Its presence has been associated with mass destruction, and transformation. Astronomers had issue with its tiny size, and demoted it to the dwarf planet, but In astrology this little dwarf holds the power of a giant. Regardless of its size and status its influence on society makes it the bully of our solar system. In astrology this little dwarf represents power and wealth, its shadow side turns desire for power and control into obsession. It rules roots and all things that are underground, it exposes the darker side of society. Pluto brings to the surface taboos and hidden issues. Its purpose is to expose and transform.   

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New moon April 18th, Full moon May 3rd!

Hello, star sign visitor, if you are curious about energies this new moon is about to bring you then you have come to the right place. It’s is the only new moon in the astrological sign of aries for this year, so you need to decide soon which dreams are important to you, and what plans you must put into action to get the desired outcome. Since this new moon is in Aries, we need to look at its ruler mars to assess where we need to focus our attention. Currently mars is transiting through financially savvy sign of the Taurus. So making solid financial plans for the future, applying for the higher paying job with greater benefits, long term investment and saving plans can all be part of the picture now.
Mars in Taurus can bring determination to carry on with your plans, now you have a better chance of sticking to your goals. Venus the planet of love, luck, and pleasures is transiting through Gemini, the sign known for its good communication abilities, it will make a wonderful aspect to Jupiter on 21st April, use this day for all communication related projects, negotiation, travel, or have chitchat with your sibling. Same day ruler of communication mercury will square Jupiter, which makes people over optimistic and our assumptions can be off, so make sure you understand what’s offered.  The Sun, mars, and mercury are currently transiting through the Taurus, and mars and mercury will make contact with the Pluto for next few days , It will provide you with determination and will power that can work magic for you.
Using the dates closer to the new moon when planets are in better alignment can bring befits into your future, so dear reader, if your plans weren’t working out so well in the past, this new moon is about to give you the energy boost you need to get started.  As we get closer to mid may mercury will be turning retro, and mercury retro is no time to begin new project, or sign new contracts, that’s why you must use first 10 days after the arrival of this new moon to start new projects.
Taurus is the sign known for its endurance, and sustained effort, it is highly practical sign that is financially resourceful, it has a good business sense, and it is known for using its resources wisely. Dear reader you will have those energies available to you for next few weeks, now you will need your birth chart to find that specific area of your life through which these energies will manifest. As we get closer to the full moon on may 3rd, our attention will diverted towards paying off debt, getting finances for certain purchases, borrowing.
This full moon is in the sign of Scorpio, which deals with, death, rebirth, transformation, loans, debt, sexual relations, taboos, and secrets. Full moon can help with completion of certain processes, it can also bring to light certain information, so you might find out something that was kept in dark from you, sometimes it can bring endings or completions in an area of your life. This full moon is going to square Jupiter so dear reader, watch out for any access behavior that can become source of trouble. This full moon will be in good aspects to the Pluto and Neptune, so with some effort, you will be able to find solution to your problem. Scorpio is the sign known for its transformational qualities, and this full moon will be good time to transform something in your life, dear reader! Thanks for visiting, and I wish you all the best.

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Neptune, the door between two worlds!

Each and every soul that has ever lived on the planet earth has felt its presence. This planet of fog, and illusion had inspired many to provide true selfless service, and yet this same planet has brought mass delusion to others. How can Neptune have such diverse effects, for some it is total ecstasy for others it is total despair. Neptune represents duel nature of the human psyche. People born with strong Neptune can feel those extremes throughout their lives. Neptune ruler of the sea is as mystical as the creatures that live at the bottom of the sea. Neptune rules secrets, self sacrifice, hidden enemies, and subconscious mind. Living with Neptune can be quite painful specially if we don’t tap into the lessons it provides. This planet of fog and illusion is known to bring chaos and confusion into our lives, yet we can also learn through its lessons to heal ourselves and others. It works as a wave that washes ashore to bring sea life, shells, and pearl as a gift and takes away all that was left there.
The planet Neptune is known for dissolving boundaries between reality and illusion. Many artists, poets,  and painters, are born under strong influence of the Neptune. It is the parts they play, their songs, music, lyrics, paintings, and art that inspires and attracts millions. These artists play certain roles that public loves and adores, and soon enough it becomes part of their public identity. Neptune works like fog, wave, fume, smoke, and mist that can cross barriers. Pisces and its ruler Neptune can show us the side of humanity that is full of compassion, love and sacrifice. Yet its duel nature could also bring to our attention the mass delusions of the society, where a person or a group believes that they have the right philosophy, or belief system that needs to be followed. The planet Neptune can be reason for that blind spot in our thinking, and to deal with this fog we must be willing to question all our assumptions.
Neptune is the door between two worlds, it is time before the birth of our universe, when billions of galaxies and star systems were contained inside a tiny atom. Neptune also represents time when cycle of completion or ending is upon us. With Neptune line between reality and illusion becomes blurry. Its dual nature can be inspiring or maddening. Its greater purpose is to bring compassion and unity to all.

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