Cycles of creation and transformation!

Everything within existence goes through the cycles of creation,expansion, and transformation. This process began billions of years ago with a tiny seed sprouting into this vastness of space (our universe), from that moment onwards vast amounts of matter has formed. Within our universe exist giant columns of gas and dust clouds, this is the place where old decay is transformed into the new stars, and these new stars carry within their DNA history of our universe.

Our universe has a beginning, now it is in expansion phase, and billions of years from now, it will end, it could be a big crunch, dying of all stars, end of existing matter, black holes gobbling up all the stuff and then turning on each other, or it may even be something surprising that we haven’t discovered yet. There’s another possibility that our universe is already inside a giant black hole, or maybe it’s one giant simulation, whatever the reality maybe, Whether, it’s our universe, our galaxy, or our solar system, or life here on earth everything is part of a process of creation, destruction, and transformation.

Inside this large universe, tiny earth smaller then an atom. Within this planet lives this little species, it calls itself human, and within human there is a cosmic seed( mind). This being wants to explore and understand its connection to the universe. Inside human body live cells and viruses they also explore their environment. Each part of a larger cycle of creation, and transformation.

Humans are also going through the process of transforming their world by developing new and advanced technologies. Present day humans are eager to shorten vast distances by creating fast modes of communication and transportation. Humans are trying to bend or break laws of their universe, so nature of their reality and purpose of their existence could be understood.

Humanity lives within and connects through the bubbles/spheres of technologies, just as our universe is this large sphere of information and organic intelligence. Human life revolves around those spheres. Present day technologies have become essential part of our survival. Without these gizmos and gadgets modern day humans would lose capacity to connect to their environment. Humanity has become codependent on its creation for survival.

As humanity moves beyond creation and merges with technology through the process of transformation, what will be our ultimate destiny? Are we going to gain capabilities to move beyond our limits; learn new things, explore other worlds and travel to the farthest parts of our universe.
As we develop these self aware systems, and these systems learn to connect to other self aware devices through the global networks, what would these advance technologies learn by communicating with each other and by observing its creators? How will these cycles of creation and transformation effect humanity?

Humanity is part of something grand, and human civilization wants to replicate that grand design. As we move through the world of images brought by the Neptune in Pisces, and powerful Pluto in Capricorn transform our structures(Saturn)with the help of technological advancements(Uranus). What would become humanity’s ultimate destiny? What will humanity discover as it glances through the spheres of creation.
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That pesky Mercury, retro again!

Hello star sign visitors, I hope you had wonderful holidays, we begin this new year with a new moon in Capricorn on the 9th, so…. are you excited to move forward with all those new year resolutions? This new moon is in good place to help you with those long term plans, but there is a tiny glitch, well, you will need to be patient for next three weeks, because that pesky mercury has recently turned retro again. It is forcing all of us to slow down, go back and correct things. Mercury retro is usually good for repetition. So, let’s say you had worked at a company, or with a boss that you really liked, and now you want to go back for an interview, great.

You need to retake that test that you flunked a few times(just kidding)go ahead, but make sure you don’t fall into the trap of retro again, mercury retro is helpful if you work with it, you need to do your part and prepare. It is a green light for redoing and corrections. Now, if you are thinking about going back to an old girl friend or boyfriend, well, somethings require much more effort then mercury retro, and mercury retro is also famous for messing things up too, so listen to your mercury and don’t rush things. With retro you never know who you might bump into, It could be an old friend, a coworker, or a past relation.
Now let’s look at a different situation, mercury rules electronic, and moving parts, If that old beater of yours start to give you problems then it is time for an oil change or maintenance, if that fancy gadget you received as a Xmas gift starts to give you problem, before you panic, make sure batteries are working and installed properly.

If issues comes from your work, and you are thinking that old boss of mine seems to be much more crabby lately, and he is making me repeat things for no good reason. Well, maybe it is mercury retro, maybe it’s his pocket book that’s effecting his mood due to all that spending. After all, mercury is retro in Capricorn. Capricorn rules, bosses, business, corporations, government and people in authority, with Pluto, there is always power and money involved.

Now, if you are thinking geez for how long am I stuck in this mud? Well next new moon will bring you opportunity to ride the super fast wave, until then holding your horses will be a good idea. Within few days after the arrival of the new moon,(11 through 13) the mighty Sun will reach out to the Jupiter, you can use these days to work on projects, any offer that arrives during this time may also have positive outlook for the future, now take your time in accepting any offers because with mercury retro details might be missing and you may not have taken everything into consideration.

Dear reader, this new moon is about to bring you opportunities to make powerful changes. As it gets closer to the full moon around the 23rd, you may think you are ready to bolt out, but give it few days. On 25th, mercury goes direct. This full moon is in Leo the luxurious. It is known as the sign of celebrity and royalty. It is also known for its ego boost, so all those fine abilities that you have just remember not to over play them, if provided opportunity then be humble, we can always learn something new from others. Specially with mercury sitting right next to Pluto in Capricorn till the 30th, these days can be time of transformational ideas or source of unnecessary conflict. Once mercury changes direction, it will be time to move forward.

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Saturn, the architect, Neptune, the dreamer!

Hello star sign visitors, Have you ever wondered what’s reality? When do boundaries of reality merge with dream or fantasy world? Is one state of being more important than the other? Can one exist without the other? And what would life be like, if we had no fantasies or dreams? Let’s look through the lens of astrology to find some answers. In astrology we associate Saturn with reality, here, now, facts, hard work, achievements, fear and control, while Neptune rules dreams, human spirit, imagination, inspiration, deception, connection to the unknown, sacrifice and sorrow.

We come to this world from unknown existence. To experience our earthly reality we need to merge with Saturn, and once we have mastered our earthly existence we will reunite again with our life of unknown(Neptune). Neptune represents universal conscious or truth, it is not bound by our earthly reality, it represents connection between all life forms. It requires us to let go of our earthly mind set and go beyond the boundaries of space time, here and now and merge with the universal truth.

Saturn represents our physical existence while Neptune speaks the language of human spirit. Neptune requires us to bypass our earthly senses and connect to the universal conscious. It may have some similarities to our lives before our births. It is process of merging and creation that happens to us without our knowledge.

After birth, we are still connected to universal conscious, reality of here and now hasn’t taken root yet. The beginning months of our lives could barely be described as present moments. We come to this world with no recollection of our Past, no concept of our present, and no plans for our future. We connect to the outside world through very few vocal sound. In early stages of life we are not even aware of our state of being human or anything else. We are still part of the universal conscious.

Our survival depends upon learning and working through the hard lessons of our earthly life. Our first words, first steps, kindergarten, high school graduation, college degree, first job, are all mile stones that require discipline and great effort. We were born to reach our full potential but, can we live our lives by only following our Saturn. What about the gift of fantasy, dream, inspiration. Most of our great ideas begin with those inspiring thoughts and dreams. Many of past and present day artists, musicians, singers, writers and even people working in fields of science and technology need to work with their Neptune.

We have come to this world to work on our dreams, and to give form to all those ideas that live inside our mind. Saturn is the planet that gives form to our imagination and brings it into the solid world. We see it happening in our every day life, when a painting, a song, a novel, and a movie becomes part of millions of lives, it connects humanity from all parts of our world. When humans create technology that benefits all of humanity, and it connects people from all walks of life. When drugs are made to save millions of lives. Saturn is the planet that manifests what Neptune desires. Saturn and Neptune are connected to each other like body to the soul. Both these planets carry their shadows, or negative sides. Neptune brings deception, fog, confusion while Saturn brings fears, ridged attitude, and desire for control. Can we overcame those shadows?

Saturn is practical and earthly, Neptune is water, inspirational and emotional. Saturn needs Neptune’s waters to create flowers, and Neptune needs Saturn’s boundaries to channel through. Saturn is the architect and builder while Neptune is the dreamer and idealist of our zodiac. We can understand our true calling by combining those energies.

In this technological era while Saturn builds new foundations, and Neptune dissolves boundaries it is difficult to distinguish facts from various versions of truth. It is merging process between polar opposites, reality may emerge as something totally different than what we had imagined!
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Hello, star sign visitors, There is a planet in our solar system that truly shapes our lives and our world around us. It is not the planet that will bring you fame, fortune, and praises of glory, but it will make you do the job that you came here to do. If you were unwilling to work hard or ignore its demands, well that’s not an option with this planet. In astrology it is known as the drill sergeant of our zodiac. By now you must have pretty good idea that I am going to talk about Saturn.

When we think of sacrifice and service Pisces and Virgo come to mind, but without the help of Capricorn and its ruler Saturn we wouldn’t understand the true meaning of service. Let’s look at the facts( that’s what Saturn rules). When Saturn gets closer to our sun, the moon or any other planet in our natal chart, we start to feel its choke hold in our life. It has been called the planet of restrictions and phobias. At times it will take so much courage and discipline to face the challenges that accompanies this planet’s arrival. Lets look at the pros and cons of living with the Saturn.

It is the planet that breaks our backs, sometimes literally,( it rules structures and bones). When it leaves certain part of our birth chart, it feels like weight has been lifted off of our shoulders. Now what about natal Saturn? the one we were born with at time of our birth(that permanent imprint). As we grow older and live with it for decades, we kind of get use to its challenges. There is never full immunity to its demands, but you kind of say o.k I have been there before. It acts like a joint pain that flares up from time to time, and you know it hurts, but you also know it won’t kill you, as long as you listen to your doctor’s advice, take your medicine, exercise, lose weight, and eat healthy then you can manage your life, but what if you want a break, or get lazy, then there are not many good options. Now, wait a minute, routine discipline work isn’t all that bad, we will get to live healthy long life, get to see our grand children’s graduations and weddings what more could we ask for?

Well, Saturn is that bitter medicine that is essential for our long term survival. When we are young and haven’t been through complete cycle of Saturn(Saturn return at the age of 28 to 30 years) then long term planning is not the part of solution, and any responsibility makes us feels like we are carrying ton of bricks on our backs. Saturn is no easy planet to deal with at times it puts road blocks in our path to slow us down, but as we mature and become wiser we understand the value of restrictions and discipline in our lives.

As Saturn moves through each part of our birth chart our life comes under Its scrutiny, it ask why haven’t we learnt to discipline ourselves, why aren’t we living up to our full potential. Sometimes the solutions and medicine Saturn provides are easy to digest but at other time we may have a great reaction to it. Saturn close to our Sun or the moon can be downright depressing, emotionally draining, and even physically challenging, under tough Saturn cycles we lose strength, get ill, even lose hope, but if we live through its tests, Saturn can be source of great wisdom and endurance.

As long as we live, Saturn will be passing over different points of our birth chart checking for any and all weaknesses, and as other planets move through the heavens and interact with Saturn we will face new sets of challenges, but it is through Saturn’s discipline that we overcome many obstacles in our lives.

Without help from Saturn our zodiac is incomplete, mars energy has no limits or direction, Jupiter’s optimism has no boundaries, Uranus can only bring lighting bolts of ideas that will never see the light of the day, Neptune will see its dreams fade away as a fog. Pluto will ignite strong passion without transformation. All these planets need Saturn to provide the structure and platform.

Our future Mozart, Picasso, and Einstein will need Saturn in their lives. If we want to talk about service we must look at Saturn in our birth chart because that’s the area where we have served all of our lives, it hasn’t been pleasant, it hasn’t been easy but it has meaning and a greater purpose.

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Humanity and universe!

We live in a very vast universe with trillions of galaxies and star systems, but in some unknown corner of this vastness exists this tiny little solar systems that is quite unique, it has this planet that is just the right distance from its star and this planet provides right kind of ingredients and environment for life to exist and evolve.

Our universe since the day of its beginning has created vast amount of matter and expands, all species here on earth reproduce and multiply, even a tiny little seed carries inside it a blue print of its growth and expansion, everything in our universe and on this earth carries a message of its intelligence and purpose, we are all seeds of our living universe, we carry within us the blue print or DNA of our universe.

Is it only a coincidence that our species has evolved, and become conscious. Why do we want to search and explore vast distances of our universe, why do we want to create artificial life forms as intelligent as our selves, because it is in our universal DNA or blue print to be inquisitive, to explore, create and change our environment.

Our physical bodies might be limited and dense, but we were provided the gift of subconscious mind that is limitless, and eternal. It is through our mind that we connect and create all reality around us, everything that humans create starts as an idea or a thought.

Conscious is part of our vast universe,  everything within our universe maintains balance. Everything in our universe is in constant motion, yet it maintains its equilibrium, it may not be what  humans consider conscious but our universe has its own breath, and rhythm. We need to understand the language of our universe. we are all seeds of this large conscious. There is deeper connection between universe and humanity. We are all part of our universe, forces that influence our solar system also influence us!

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Astrology and human mind!

We live in an era where space, time, human mind and latest technologies are all interconnected. Present day astrologers associate four planets with  human ingenuity, creative thought patterns and development of latest technologies.
We begin with mercury, It rules part of our conscious where we must find facts, logical explanation, proof and evidence for our beliefs. Mercury rules, distances, measurements, mathematics, communication, and technologies.

As we collect all this information and connect the dots, it has to serve a greater purpose. We collect this information but not all of it is useful or needed. Part of our mind that sorts through this information to create a larger view comes under the domain of Jupiter.
There is a great correlation between technological advancement and human capacity to learn at fast pace. Uranus rules electrical signals of our brain, its works at lighting bolt speeds. It is known for new scientific discoveries, it maximizes parts of our brain’s capacity. People with extra ordinary talents and abilities are influenced by its impulses. It rules internet and electricity.

We live in multi dimensional world created by space time, technology and human mind. Science tells us that our universe came to existence out of nothing, but it is difficult concept for human mind to understand. The minute we think about nothing we bring it to existence. In human mind everything holds a value. Just as in present day computers zero is as important as number 1. In our universe black holes hold value even if they are not visible. That’s how Neptune works in astrology. It is point of endings and beginnings, where boundaries of space time and human logic dissolve. With Neptune we learn that there are parallel universes where laws of physics may not apply. Neptune dissolve boundaries between human subconscious and super conscious, it connects us all, it is connections of all things in our universe. It makes us feel the pulse of our universe!

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Mutable Signs!

Hello star sign visitors, in past few years we have seen cardinal signs initiate many changes, we are still in process of adjusting to those changes, this process is not over yet. As planets once again move this time to the mutable signs we will need to make many new adjustments. In coming months eclipses will also put spot light on mutable signs( Virgo and Pisces). What can we anticipate as Jupiter moves to Virgo and Saturn makes Sagittarius(mutable sign) its home for next 2 and a half years. What kind of changes can we expect as our focus shifts.

In astrology mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are known for their flexible nature, creative ideas and communicative abilities. Even though these signs share many commonalities, yet their differences make them quite unique, their most important quality is their flexible nature which can be a great asset in time of need. It is their love for learning, sharing and exchange of ideas that helps them cross boundaries and work together. Lets begin with dual natured air sign, Gemini. Their love for communication surpasses all other signs. They have light hearted breezy quality that makes them masters of airways. They can gather and disperse information at lighting speeds. They are also known for their phenomenal multi tasking abilities. They share their ruler mercury with the Virgo. Virgo builds upon the qualities of Gemini. Mercury works quite differently when it comes to the Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign, which make it dense, practical and logical. It is known as the sign of service. It is most concern with putting ideas into practical use. Its purpose is betterment of our society, this sign’s ability for critical thinking provides it with the focus to pay close attention to the small details that are essential for solving problems. Our health care, food, farming, labor and service industries come under the sign of Virgo. With help of Gemini we create technologies, connect, share and disperse information but with help of Virgo we can correct any flaws and put those technological advancements to good use. It is this sign’s relentless effort, desire for perfection, and exceptional service that brings it applause from others.

Gemini and Virgo are concerned with components, parts, and details, but when it comes to the Sagittarius, it works with same information quite differently. It works through all those ideas and details to draw a full picture. Sagittarius is highly optimistic fire sign. It is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is jovial planet it brings optimistic view, luck and expansion to everything it touches, it can broaden our vision for our future, it is here to show us the possibilities. Sagittarius rules over laws, various cultures, foreign countries, travel, universities, education, philosophical pursuits, and faith. Sagittarius shares its ruler with Pisces. While Sagittarius gives us broad vision for our future, Pisces goes beyond boundaries and finds deeper connection to unite everything. Jupiter provides us with the global vision while Pisces deals with universal connections. It has Jupiter and Neptune as its rulers. Pisces is water sign. It has emotional intelligence, it deals with our spiritual and emotional needs. With Pisces our faith goes much deeper, and With help from its second ruler Neptune we can learn compassion and sacrifice. Pisces rules over pharmaceuticals industries, sea, fishery, drugs, alcohol, charity work, hospitals, and places of confinement. Movies, photography, music, art and artists come under this sign. It rules subconscious mind. Each of these signs has its shadow sides. Gemini can be shallow, Virgo can be nit picky and critical, Sagittarius can be overly optimistic and miss important details, and Pisces can be unrealistic and dreamy, but mutable signs possess the gift of flexibility, which helps them share ideas for the betterment of everyone. Most of us have natal planets in these signs, so even if we are not born under certain astrological sign we can still understand those energies. During our life span many of heavenly bodies will transit through those signs, so we will have to deal with those energies, regardless of not having  natal planets in those signs.

On the 18th, of September Saturn will move to Sagittarius. Saturn is the planet of authority, control, commitment, long term planning, boundaries, and traditions, while Sagittarius is a sign of independence, expansion, and optimism. These energies are not very compatible. Signs mostly define laws and boundaries under which planet operates, but Saturn restricts whatever it touches, so we may see many things go through Saturn’s scrutiny. Will Saturn define boundaries through which expansion happens? will it reform? Or will it  bring restrictions? Specially with move of Jupiter to Virgo(health, work, labor) soon. Saturn is also about to square(make hard aspect)to Neptune, planet of compassion, faith, and spiritually. Will Saturn bring strong faith but no compassion? Or mutable sign will bring positive changes through dialogue and exchange of ideas?
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