Nature, Elements, and astrology!

Since the dawn of civilization each person born on the planet earth carries within all the elements that belong to this magnificent planet. We begin our lives confined within a sack of liquid water oblivion to the reality outside this liquid world, as we develop and grow, each and every cell within our body will require liquid water to replenish it self. From the moment we take our first breath till last day of our live we will depend on it for our survival, without air to breath we cannot live. From the moment of our arrival, we are introduced to the energy and warmth of our Sun, its heart beats fire every second of its life and this energy provides nourishment to the different life forms, just as a human heart provides energy to the rest of its body.

It nurtures and protects us, carries us around, it puts ground under our feet, it never lets go, our mother earth. It covers us all with the blanket of protection from the harmful radiation and harsh elements, as this large body rotates on its axis and travels at phenomenal speeds through the vastness of space. Without earth human existence would not have been possible. These elements are part of us just as we are part of these elements.

These elements and connections are all around us, within a little seed that need earth to turn into the mighty tree. This tree can provide its shade, within its branches are the nests for the next generation, its flowers provide food for the honey bees. These bees can feed their young, and provide honey as a food source for the other species. This tree will give fruits that can also become the source of survival and nourishment for other life forms, its seeds can help in the growth of the Forest, within this forest rare plants and bird species can thrive, some of these plants could be essential to counter diseases. All these large and small plants and trees provide air that we breathe, and as this air turns into the wind it can carry these seeds to the other parts of the earth.  Moisture carried by the wind becomes droplets that comes down as a rain, and nurtures other parts of earth. If there was a single element missing life wouldn’t have taken shape as we know it today.

The elements of fire, air, water and earth are also part of each and every birth chart. The sun, the rising sign, the moon, and the location of planets will describe the elements that each person is naturally attuned with, for example the sun, the moon or any planets in Aries will make a person direct, and action oriented, of course location of the planet mars will describe further how that energy is being directed. Taurus being an earth sign is grounded, earthy, practical, and likes financial stability, location of its ruler Venus will bring illumination to how this energy can be used best.

Gemini an air sign is a natural communicator due to the light air quality of it’s sign, but location of mercury will illuminate further details about what’s the most natural mode used. water signs have emotional intelligence, they can naturally sense and feel the moods of people they connect with, they can work better when they connect directly with individuals, while fire signs bring enthusiasm, energy and vigor to the conversation. If a person lacks certain elements then it becomes difficult for that person to communicate through those elements, and they might not easily relate to the people with those elements, but they can overcome those issues through partnerships. Air and fire signs blend naturally due to compatibility of their elements, while earth and water sign can relate naturally, but a person could be a water sign with most planets located in the fire signs, and that would bring out that fire sign personality. Natal chart is complex set of instructions with planets located in various signs and elements, making positive and stressful connections, and as planets transit through the present day sky and connect with the natal chart it will not only activate the birth chart, but also create many new lines, and connections, and this interaction between outer planets, and natal chart can activate elements that were not dominant at birth time.

As we observe earth history, we can clearly see the deeper connection between these elements and emergence of life. Certain chemicals reactions between earth and water creates certain biological effects, and over a period of time those algae and bacteria secrete chemicals that are  responsible for creating atmosphere, and of course without the energy from our sun and the hot springs of the deep sea it wouldn’t have been possible. All these elements and eco systems are interconnected, and survival of one depends upon the survival of the another. Thanks for reading!


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This blog is about astrology and planetary cycles, and the effects on people.
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