Fixed signs!

Hello, star sign visitors, today I am going to talk about fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Before I begin there are few things I would like to discuss. In the beginning it seemed a bit confusing to observe that Astrological techniques and practices differ from one region to another, astrologers also had personal preferences for certain systems and techniques, but after a while of observing these various systems you realize that these systems no matter how different will create similar results. Guidance from the universe comes through various modes and ways.

Our universe has trillions of galaxies and star systems, each quite different and unique yet part of the same universe. Each star, planet, large and small body, describes our universe, each connected to the whole in its own unique way. Our earth with different parts and regions, with so many species, races, and colors, created from the same elements, and belonging to the same earth. The same universal truth is true for astrology, science or any other subject. Our connections are universal.

Our birth charts also represent same principles, it is interconnected sets of instructions that can describe  past influences, present conditions, and future possibilities. It describes struggles, and opportunities we come across, it can also show us the world around us. Planets might describe our personal struggles, but signs will describe universal trends.
In past years we had cardinal cross and eclipses in the cardinal sign, then came mutable cross and eclipses in mutable signs, we still have Virgo/Pisces eclipses continue until the next year, it’s time of adjustments to all those changes that were brought by cardinal signs. Pluto and Uranus still remain in cardinal signs, and in September Jupiter moves to the sign of balance, and partnership Libra. Cardinal theme continues with Pluto and Uranus there. After Jupiter and Uranus begin working with the Saturn, hopefully we can find solutions to those problems through partnerships. As eclipses start to move to the fixed signs(Leo, Aquarius), people, discussions and issues related to those signs will also take center stage.

As we move through the zodiac, we observe that cardinal signs initiate changes, mutable signs communicate, adjust, and adapt these changes, while fixed signs like to hold and maintain what was established. Fixed signs are like the pillar, that hold the structures, they will not be easily swayed or moved.

We begin with the fixed sign of the Taurus. Taurus represents the power of the bull. They can withstand great pressures, it is the sign that rules finance and wealth. It’s concerned with acquiring resources and the use of those resources for further development. It rules nature and greenery. Taurus will take its time to begin new relationship, or projects, once convinced that they have made the right decision, they will put their full commitment behind any relationship. It’s the sign of great stamina, endurance, and patience. Taurus is calm, yet stubborn. They’re not angered easily, but if provoked they will not back down. Taurus is ruled by the goddess of love, wealth, and pleasures, the Venus. At the bottom of their chart is there home, family section and it’s ruled by the sign of Leo, shows their, commitment and devotion to their family, their partnership, opponents section(seventh house) is ruled by the Scorpio, while their tenth house, top of their chart is ruled by the innovative Aquarius.

Taurus is earthly, slow yet stable, while Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac is full of energy, fire, and enthusiasm. They love to have fun, be center stage, and center of attention. Leo is also a fixed sign, the lion rules the heart, the energy, the ego, and generosity. Leo, requires loyalty when it comes to their family, friends, and partners. Leo is ruled by the mighty Sun. Leo, like its ruler, the Sun have special attraction that makes others gravitate towards them. Sometimes Leo can be over powering and dominating, which can create negative impression. Leo is ninety degrees away from the Taurus and Scorpio. It requires a lot of work to smooth those energies. These energies are part of all birth charts, for Leo, their home and family section is ruled by the fixed sign of Scorpio, while their partnership and competitors section the seventh house is ruled by the fixed sign, Aquarius, and their tenth house(how, world perceives someone, occupation, standing) is ruled by the Taurus.

As we move ninety degrees away from the Leo, we get to the Scorpio. It is known as the scorpion, the eagle, and the phoenix. Scorpio believes in privacy, they share their private lives with very few close friends and family. Scorpio being a water sign is very intuitive, their senses are quite sharp, their magnetic personality attracts people towards them like moth towards a flame, when challenged they can be formidable opponents, they will not back down easily. Scorpio is ruled by the mars and Pluto. Scorpio has the creative and destructive powers within, if they are able to control their negative side and their desire for power and control,  they are able to use these energies towards positive change, their transformational capabilities can be furthest reaching and useful to society.

They can become force for positive change, but to reach that level they will have to go through many personal challenges and setbacks. Even though Scorpio avoids lime light, their prestigious tenth house is ruled by  the sign of Leo, it requires them to be center stage, to perform, to be visible. It’s the fire and flame that reaches them. At the bottom of their chart is their fourth house of home and family. This sector of their chart is ruled by the shocking, surprising, rebellious Aquarius. As if life wasn’t full of intensity and challenges, their home and family life will also involve many changes and adjustments. With Taurus on their seventh house of partnership and opponents, they are always in search of stable partners, Venus as a ruler of their seventh house can provide opportunities.

As we move ninety degrees away from Scorpio we reach the fixed sign of Aquarius. Its desire for independence makes it rebel against any restrictions or control. They’re great humanitarians always willing to assist any cause that benefits the society. Aquarius is ruled by the Uranus and Saturn. In their youth their Uranus side is more dominant, as they reach adult hood and grow older they can develop discipline and respect for authority. Their fourth house at the bottom of their chart is ruled by the Taurus, and their seventh house of partners, opponents is ruled by the Leo, while their tenth house is ruled by the intensely powerful sign of Scorpio.

Fixed signs are immovable forces, they are the pillars that hold large structures. These signs are part of each and every birth chart, so we are all bound by their rules and influence. We are all subject to the stage, the drama, the ego, the generosity, the compassion, and the loyalty of the Leo. We can also feel the need and urge to acquire resources and hold on to possessions with Taurus, With Scorpio we feel the intensity and power to control, reform, or transform, and with Aquarius in our birth charts we want to rebel against certain restrictions and control, these energies are part of each and every birth chart, some parts of your birth chart maybe more dominant due to the natal planetary positions, but as planets transit through your birth chart, new and full moons arrive in the different sections and signs like hands on the clock they will bring to the focus all those energies.  Thanks for reading!


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