Our life begins with words. Imagine your past as a child, when you picked up your first book with all those beautiful pictures and images, and right next to them were those symbols. Didn’t it make you wonder what are those and what do they mean? Then someone explained it to you that each letter when attached with the other creates a word and it means something, and many words together form sentences and paragraphs and they mean something and these words tell stories and those stories belong to groups of people and when they communicate and write those words it should mean something, and that’s how people communicate in our world.
So, what are words? Just letters and symbols or do they have power and value? All those words became millions of books and unimaginable amount of data that informs humans where we need to go, what we need to do, where to find a job, what food to eat, and it has turned into a giant web of connections. Words have changed history when they are used by the powerful personalities. Words have turned into ideas and those ideas have created the world we see around us. Words begin with mercury but they don’t end there they become big pictures, may even become brilliant ideas when combined with Jupiter and Uranus. These words become large volumes of information and books. Yes, books can be informative but learning is much more then reading words. Learning comes through experience, beauty of learning is that you can read the same book a thousand times and each time learn something new because it ignites the curiosity and passion for learning. As you go through the learning process, some words will become great source of inspiration and change your world and some words will have nothing to offer. Our learning begins with words but it doesn’t end there. As our world moves beyond words and transforms into the world of images how will it effect our future generations? what would they learn by observing these symbols and images?
Thanks for reading these words! (Thanks, Raymond Merriam and many others who have inspired me through their words).


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This blog is about astrology and planetary cycles, and the effects on people.
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