New moon and the mutable cross!

Hello star sign readers, today I am going to talk about the theory of everything. If you’re thinking, are you serious, Of course, not. The one I am talking about has nothing to do with science or Mr. Hawking (I have great respect and admiration for Mr. Hawking.) It has a lot to do with the arrival of the new moon in Gemini and the mutable cross.

This new moon in Gemini will open the portal of communication and ideas but due to the mutable cross, things might not work smoothly. If you are wondering what the heck is mutable cross, well, it is planetary alignment that is considered frictional in nature. It shows conflict among peoples about ideas, communication, and different point of views.  It represents a time when planetary elements and energies are not working smoothly, and all that chaotic energy causes disruption and havoc.

With the arrival of this new moon a portal of communication has been opened, but with the presence of the this mutable alignment it seems like everyone will be talking and communicating via various means, yet it will be difficult to pay attention, or listen! If you’re thinking at least there is conversation among people, I say, hum.. I guess soon we will miss the quiet times. Today as I write about signs, planets, and aspects at times it might sound like I am lumping together many different things but, I surely hope it would make sense at the end.
Mutable cross involves four signs(Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)each of these signs deals with communication and ideas. Lets begin with the  chatty Gemini, it is the ruler of fasts modes of communication, no wonder it is called the master of the airways. Any information Gemini receives, or comes across, it has to share with the others. This sign’s dual nature helps it adopt easily to any situation. Gemini may change their mind often due to the air quality of their nature.

This new moon in Gemini arrives with the goddess of charm Venus, hopefully to bring some diplomacy through communication. The planet of long term planning (Saturn) moves through their seventh house. It requires them to commit to long term relationships, and as the ruler of their seventh house( Jupiter) moves through their home, family section, family could bring them great great joy and opportunities.

Next mutable sign after Gemini is Virgo, it  the rules 6th, house of health, work, and service. So, lets say, you’re a Virgo, your sign is at the ninety degree angle to the Gemini, and you don’t quite get the adoptive nature of Gemini. Well, let me tell you this, you share your ruler mercury with the Gemini. You might be thinking that’s not possible, we don’t have much in common. Yes, there are differences due to your earth element. Gemini being an air sign deals with dispersal of the information, while Virgo being an earth sign wants to serve others by putting ideas into practical use.

I had read,(can’t recall where)that Virgo should be ruled by the asteroid Chiron because it deals with health and healing. I don’t think astrological community will ever agree to it because every sign requires a planet than a small body to rule it. So, it is not going to happen any time soon. Virgo being an earth sign needs lots of details to find a solution to a problem. Gathering and dispersion of the information is not their main objective. This new moon on the top section of Virgo chart will bring to attention the service it provides to the others. Mercury ruler of their sign also rules their prestigious 10th house. It makes very positive alignment with the fortunate Jupiter and powerful Pluto. This new moon on June 4th, brings great opportunity for Virgo to become a chirpy little Twitter bird. The difficulties could be due to the fog, confusion that comes from Neptune which transits through their partners/opponents section. There could also be pressure from Saturn as it moves through the bottom of their chart, but that hasn’t stopped them before.

If you belong to the sign of a grand vision and big picture (I am talking about Sagittarius of course), then Jupiter’s (your ruler)move through Virgo might not be very thrilling. The king of grand ideas and vision in sign of components, parts, and details? but lets not forget Virgo serves humanity. At times It might create the feeling as if instead of the forest you are forced to envision every single tree, branch, and leaf. Jupiter is staying in Virgo till the end of summer. Hopefully by the end of its visit every Sagittarius would have learned the value of service required by the Virgo. All those born under the freedom loving Sagittarius, specially the new arrivals (younger generation) need some lessons from the task master Saturn. As the planet that builds structures(Saturn), transits through Sagittarius, it may bring obstacles, but, without learning its rules we cannot pass through the door of maturity. It is time to buckle up because there’s no escaping this planet’s demands. Saturn will push us down to ground us, and Neptune at the bottom of the chart(home, family) is going to create major fog. These confusing times could bring the feeling of drift, but there is purpose behind all this chaos. With Saturn we learn patience and with Neptune we learn compassion.

Last mutable sign Pisces belongs to the water element, it deals with intuition. While Gemini can communicate, Virgo can authenticate, Sagittarius can 1provide the broader vision, watery Pisces will use its intuitive abilities to get to the bottom of the situation. Of course air, fire and earth signs don’t seem to  appreciate this sign’s elusive Jedi abilities. Its liquidity helps it change its mind and decisions easily. Same thing can be said of Gemini, but Gemini being an air element is not much concerned with the emotional side of things. It would rather disperse the information than worry about the sensitivity required.
Pisces is ruled by the Jupiter and Neptune. Their symbol of two fish swimming in the opposite direction describes their adaptability to their changing environment. With the new moon in their fourth house, home and family may require some attention. With Saturn in their tenth house and Jupiter in seventh house, their attention may also get divided between work, and partners.

This month’s mutable cross describes major themes that each mutable sign represents, and since planetary aspects and elements are not blending well, it could be difficult to understand others point of view, but due to the adoptive nature of the mutable cross and through open modes of communication we could find solutions.  We can also relate to those energies through our birth chart because these (fire, air, water, and earth) elements, signs, and planets are also part of each birth chart.

Life Without Gemini will become dull and slow. When it comes to speed and multi tasking abilities, Gemini holds the crown. This signs ability to communicate, send and receive messages at the lightning speeds is admirable. With the arrival of this new moon we all need to take a page from this sign’s book on how to become successful at the art of communication.  Thanks for reading!


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