Born under the rays of the full moon!

Hello, all those lunar souls! born under the rays of the full moon? If you were born two to three days before the full moon or you have arrived two/three days after the full moon, as long as your birth was near this lunar phase then you can qualify as a lunar individual. You are here to surf the tides of lunar emotions! If you are born under the emotional waters of the zodiac signs,( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) then you are also sensitive to the currents of the full moon, but regardless of its close proximity to One’s birth sign or time, every human born on the planet earth can feel its power and relate to its magical spells. What’s so special about the full moon? It will be hard to find a human that has taken a stroll during the night and hasn’t been mesmerized by the full moon’s soothing light and breathless beauty.
There is no denying humanity’s emotional connection with this celestial object. Lovers meet under its light, poets write poems to describe its beauty, waves get wild during its fullness, its magical powers have been part of human society for eons, that silvery disc in the night sky has been humanity’s great joy. Science searches for its mineral composition, while astrologers observe humanity’s emotional connection with earth’s nearest celestial object. In astrology our moon is the second best position holder after our Sun. As it basks in the light of the Sun, it lights up the night sky,  creating a great vortex of emotional energy.
Every month moon’s journey begins with its conjunction to the Sun(new moon). It is the time of emotional equilibrium. The Sun(ego, desire, heart)  connects with the moon(emotion, feeling). As the moon moves through various signs and reaches its fullness those energies move further apart and We will feel this push and pull between those luminaries as a conflict between our desire, wants, needs and emotions. The sign and aspects of the full moon determines what kind of issues we will be dealing with.  Every now and then we observe a full moon that brings with it a major high tide of emotional energy. If full moon is in earth sign(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) than it requires us to find a practical solution.
If the full moon happens to be in a fire sign, it makes an aspect to the planet Mars, or Uranus, then there’s an instantaneous response, or rush to judgement. Some situations require urgent response, but in most cases we find better solution by not rushing. If the full moon happened to be in a water sign then some sensitivity is required to deal with the situation at hand. Full moon in an air sign will ignite the conversation to find the solution through ideas and communication. Since the moon relates to large body of water it will bring to the surface human emotions. We will need to observe moon’s connection to the other planet to get to the detailed picture.
Of course you will need to look at aspects of the full moon to your natal  planets to know how it is going to effects your personal life. Not all the full moons create crazy vortex of energy, if the moon makes an alliance with gentle Venus, or joyous Jupiter then it can be a time of great joy, celebration, and reunion. In astrology full moon is considered a large flashy neon sign pointing towards, visibility, discovery, completion, illumination, reflection, ending, or a reunions.

Learning the subject of astrology has been quite a journey. It began almost eight years ago. It is an ongoing process which couldn’t have been possible without the helpful insights and knowledge provided by fabulous writers and astrologers. These icons of astrology such as Susan Miller,  Raymond Merriman, Steven Forrest, and many others have inspired me to continue to learn! Thank you!


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This blog is about astrology and planetary cycles, and the effects on people.
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