Mercury, retro again!

Hello star sign visitors, here we go, mercury is retro again! As if life hasn’t been hectic enough, now we will be reviewing, redoing and making corrections  and lets not forget those electronic mess ups during mercury retro. So, if you’re thinking, oh no, not again! Well, let me tell you this time around it might even be a blessing in disguise. Its arrival in the Taurus might provide some needed relief from all that last month’s running around. Last month we were dealing with Mars energy( new moon in Aries, full moon in Scorpio). It is not for the faint of heart. This month the new moon arrives in Taurus(6th, May). I say lets give Venus a chance (goddess of love, beauty, diplomacy and financial gains)!

Getting back to the topic of mercury, No two mercury retro phases are ever alike, so this mercury retro will not effect you the same way as the last one did. Thank goodness for that! Basically mercury is a neutral planet and unlike outer planets it will not produce major changes but rather deliver the message. Aspects to mercury from other planets will determine what sorts of messages we are about to receive and what issues we will be dealing with.  Of course you have to observe the interaction between mercury and your natal planets to get to the full picture.

So, lets say, you are born under the sign of Taurus, or have a natal planets in this sign, or it could have been rising at the time of your birth, then you need to buckle up because you are in for a big surprise! No, not really, (I was kidding). We are not talking about the crazy energy of Uranus here! It isn’t month of sudden surprises, but rather opportunities rising from past efforts and connections.

What if, you were born with the most planets in the air or fire signs?Then this slow pace could be a bit frustrating, specially if you are an Aries, or a Gemini. These signs prefer speedy work! Fast delivery, super fast communication, and multi tasking abilities are the gifts associated with Gemini and its ruler mercury. As mercury slows down and changes direction(April, 28th through 22nd, May) it will be time to adjust to the steady pace of Taurus.

Mercury turns direct on May 22nd, but will not gain its full speed right away, so patience is required. May 3rd, may bring a wonderful opportunity to work towards your goal, be creative. You may receive an offer, meet someone related for work, or for a business deal. Due to a beautiful connection between the mighty sun and Jupiter, this energy could begin taking effect a day earlier on the 2nd May.

May 6th, we have the new moon in earthly Taurus.  This new moon will begin the conversation on the topics related to the money management, business, finances and hierarchies. That’s right! the mighty Taurus represents the big money masters(the bull). It also rules things of financial and personal value. Now, if you are thinking, I don’t have any Swiss accounts, and don’t own billion dollar assets, I wasn’t even born under this sign, why should I worry about it? Well, it doesn’t matter what kind of finances you have mercury in Taurus will surely keep the conversation going on those issues, this energy is present in every birth chart, so it is going to effect everyone in one way or another. Of course you will need to look at the house position and natal planets in your birth chart to get to the full picture.

Dear reader, Last month’s new moon in Aries ignited the fighting spirit of the Planet mars. This month’s new moon will touch the energy of sensual Venus, Goddess of love, pleasures and diplomacy. This energy will be at work for the first half of the month or until the arrival of the full moon. Lets be thankful for that. and hopefully through the positive alignment of mercury, Jupiter and Pluto, we may be able to find  practical solutions.
Thanks for reading!


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