Mysterious universe!

There was always existence merged within the unknown. It was a seed hiding its potential. What was existence before the moment(birth)? It was creation in the darkness, a brilliant chandelier in the dark room, requiring the moment to ignite with all of its elegance and beauty.
After the creation our universe has formed vast amounts of matter, and numbers of Rocky worlds, some extremely large and others infinitely small. Some of those rocky worlds under the extreme heat and pressure have turned into the beautiful shining stars each quite unique. While others have remained scattered turning into the ashes, dirt and sand.

Within those rocky sands lie the power of creation. Given enough time, under the right temperature, heat and pressure, these ashes can bring forth diamonds, pearls and gems. Those left over dunes of sand and other small granules stick together to form beautiful Sandy beaches. Every morning with the sunrise these tiny dots sparkle with the golden silvery reflection. The creative, reflective side of the Neptune, makes it possible to observe the magic within our universe.

During the process of expansion our universe must have spread millions of seeds to create something extra ordinary. Some of those seeds traveled to the furthest edges of the universe, and became part of new creation. At the edge of our solar system resides a little black pearl(Pluto).It is quite rare, valuable, and unique. It rules hidden treasures and discoveries. It is considered the planet of power and presence. Like any other planet It has its shadows. It is known as the planet of death, rebirth and transformation. Pluto holds the power within to transform. It represents three stages of transformation, at its highest level it becomes a phoenix renewed and reborn out of its ashes. These transformational phases take time, like volcanoes slowly building heat and energy. At its highest stage as a Phoenix, it brings forth fertile ashes to renew the grounds for the new life to arrive. It exposes the treasures buried within the deepest parts of our solar system.

Each creation requires a unique spark. Its planetary rotation quite unique, almost as if it is trying to defying the laws. With the name so odd as Uranus it surely is an oddball within our solar system. There are many worlds within our universe that could have received the seeds of creation, but without the unique spark,(evolution) life couldn’t have taken roots. Uranus requires totally new and unique creative processes. It represents extreme chemical and electric impulses that can transform the world and societies. With Uranus we associate words like extra ordinary, shocking, surprising, creative, genius, out of sorts, rebellious, crazy, and brilliant.

All worlds exist because of the structures and laws. New creation can take roots in the right environment and under the right conditions. With Saturn we associate words like, reality,facts, practicality, discipline, rules, laws and structures. If Uranus is the spark, the DNA, and all that’s within the cell, then Saturn is the structure that holds it together, a cell wall. All structures to sustain life are associated with Saturn. In order for life to take roots on this new planet the Sun had to be at the right distances, the moon had to bring stability and certain weather pattern. With all proper systems in place, earth provided the nurturing and magnetic field to protect the new creation.

It took millions of years of evolution for human civilization to emerge. Humans not only found refuge within those rocky caves, but within short period they had learned to find the practical use for those rocky left overs. Humanity was entering the era of structural development. Humans were not only interested in understanding the forms and structures within their environment, they also wanted to replicate and reconstruct similar designs by observing the rules and laws of nature. Human civilization was learning to adopt to the efforts and discipline required by the Saturn.

It has taken humanity thousands of years to move beyond the Saturn and catch up to the fast electrifying impulses of Uranus. Human civilization is moving through the transformational phase towards outer planets. In the past few centuries human civilization has moved towards industrial and technological revolutions. During past few decades we have built systems(Saturn) that are capable of dispersing large volumes of data(mercury) at fast electrifying speeds(Uranus) over vast distances(Saturn), but without software(Neptune, soul) that runs through its circuits, these systems couldn’t function. Humanity is moving towards new era of technological advancements in the fields of virtual world, and biotech. What lies beyond the boundaries of Saturn, the craziness of the rebellious Uranus, and the fog of Neptune? Once humanity has mastered the transformational power of the Phoenix, and moves beyond our solar boundaries, we maybe able to connect to the mysterious universe.


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This blog is about astrology and planetary cycles, and the effects on people.
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