Cycles of creation and transformation!

Everything within existence goes through the cycles of creation,expansion, and transformation. This process began billions of years ago with a tiny seed sprouting into this vastness of space (our universe), from that moment onwards vast amounts of matter has formed. Within our universe exist giant columns of gas and dust clouds, this is the place where old decay is transformed into the new stars, and these new stars carry within their DNA history of our universe.

Our universe has a beginning, now it is in expansion phase, and billions of years from now, it will end, it could be a big crunch, dying of all stars, end of existing matter, black holes gobbling up all the stuff and then turning on each other, or it may even be something surprising that we haven’t discovered yet. There’s another possibility that our universe is already inside a giant black hole, or maybe it’s one giant simulation, whatever the reality maybe, Whether, it’s our universe, our galaxy, or our solar system, or life here on earth everything is part of a process of creation, destruction, and transformation.

Inside this large universe, tiny earth smaller then an atom. Within this planet lives this little species, it calls itself human, and within human there is a cosmic seed( mind). This being wants to explore and understand its connection to the universe. Inside human body live cells and viruses they also explore their environment. Each part of a larger cycle of creation, and transformation.

Humans are also going through the process of transforming their world by developing new and advanced technologies. Present day humans are eager to shorten vast distances by creating fast modes of communication and transportation. Humans are trying to bend or break laws of their universe, so nature of their reality and purpose of their existence could be understood.

Humanity lives within and connects through the bubbles/spheres of technologies, just as our universe is this large sphere of information and organic intelligence. Human life revolves around those spheres. Present day technologies have become essential part of our survival. Without these gizmos and gadgets modern day humans would lose capacity to connect to their environment. Humanity has become codependent on its creation for survival.

As humanity moves beyond creation and merges with technology through the process of transformation, what will be our ultimate destiny? Are we going to gain capabilities to move beyond our limits; learn new things, explore other worlds and travel to the farthest parts of our universe.
As we develop these self aware systems, and these systems learn to connect to other self aware devices through the global networks, what would these advance technologies learn by communicating with each other and by observing its creators? How will these cycles of creation and transformation effect humanity?

Humanity is part of something grand, and human civilization wants to replicate that grand design. As we move through the world of images brought by the Neptune in Pisces, and powerful Pluto in Capricorn transform our structures(Saturn)with the help of technological advancements(Uranus). What would become humanity’s ultimate destiny? What will humanity discover as it glances through the spheres of creation.
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This blog is about astrology and planetary cycles, and the effects on people.
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