That pesky Mercury, retro again!

Hello star sign visitors, I hope you had wonderful holidays, we begin this new year with a new moon in Capricorn on the 9th, so…. are you excited to move forward with all those new year resolutions? This new moon is in good place to help you with those long term plans, but there is a tiny glitch, well, you will need to be patient for next three weeks, because that pesky mercury has recently turned retro again. It is forcing all of us to slow down, go back and correct things. Mercury retro is usually good for repetition. So, let’s say you had worked at a company, or with a boss that you really liked, and now you want to go back for an interview, great.

You need to retake that test that you flunked a few times(just kidding)go ahead, but make sure you don’t fall into the trap of retro again, mercury retro is helpful if you work with it, you need to do your part and prepare. It is a green light for redoing and corrections. Now, if you are thinking about going back to an old girl friend or boyfriend, well, somethings require much more effort then mercury retro, and mercury retro is also famous for messing things up too, so listen to your mercury and don’t rush things. With retro you never know who you might bump into, It could be an old friend, a coworker, or a past relation.
Now let’s look at a different situation, mercury rules electronic, and moving parts, If that old beater of yours start to give you problems then it is time for an oil change or maintenance, if that fancy gadget you received as a Xmas gift starts to give you problem, before you panic, make sure batteries are working and installed properly.

If issues comes from your work, and you are thinking that old boss of mine seems to be much more crabby lately, and he is making me repeat things for no good reason. Well, maybe it is mercury retro, maybe it’s his pocket book that’s effecting his mood due to all that spending. After all, mercury is retro in Capricorn. Capricorn rules, bosses, business, corporations, government and people in authority, with Pluto, there is always power and money involved.

Now, if you are thinking geez for how long am I stuck in this mud? Well next new moon will bring you opportunity to ride the super fast wave, until then holding your horses will be a good idea. Within few days after the arrival of the new moon,(11 through 13) the mighty Sun will reach out to the Jupiter, you can use these days to work on projects, any offer that arrives during this time may also have positive outlook for the future, now take your time in accepting any offers because with mercury retro details might be missing and you may not have taken everything into consideration.

Dear reader, this new moon is about to bring you opportunities to make powerful changes. As it gets closer to the full moon around the 23rd, you may think you are ready to bolt out, but give it few days. On 25th, mercury goes direct. This full moon is in Leo the luxurious. It is known as the sign of celebrity and royalty. It is also known for its ego boost, so all those fine abilities that you have just remember not to over play them, if provided opportunity then be humble, we can always learn something new from others. Specially with mercury sitting right next to Pluto in Capricorn till the 30th, these days can be time of transformational ideas or source of unnecessary conflict. Once mercury changes direction, it will be time to move forward.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful new year!


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