Saturn, the architect, Neptune, the dreamer!

Hello star sign visitors, Have you ever wondered what’s reality? When do boundaries of reality merge with dream or fantasy world? Is one state of being more important than the other? Can one exist without the other? And what would life be like, if we had no fantasies or dreams? Let’s look through the lens of astrology to find some answers. In astrology we associate Saturn with reality, here, now, facts, hard work, achievements, fear and control, while Neptune rules dreams, human spirit, imagination, inspiration, deception, connection to the unknown, sacrifice and sorrow.

We come to this world from unknown existence. To experience our earthly reality we need to merge with Saturn, and once we have mastered our earthly existence we will reunite again with our life of unknown(Neptune). Neptune represents universal conscious or truth, it is not bound by our earthly reality, it represents connection between all life forms. It requires us to let go of our earthly mind set and go beyond the boundaries of space time, here and now and merge with the universal truth.

Saturn represents our physical existence while Neptune speaks the language of human spirit. Neptune requires us to bypass our earthly senses and connect to the universal conscious. It may have some similarities to our lives before our births. It is process of merging and creation that happens to us without our knowledge.

After birth, we are still connected to universal conscious, reality of here and now hasn’t taken root yet. The beginning months of our lives could barely be described as present moments. We come to this world with no recollection of our Past, no concept of our present, and no plans for our future. We connect to the outside world through very few vocal sound. In early stages of life we are not even aware of our state of being human or anything else. We are still part of the universal conscious.

Our survival depends upon learning and working through the hard lessons of our earthly life. Our first words, first steps, kindergarten, high school graduation, college degree, first job, are all mile stones that require discipline and great effort. We were born to reach our full potential but, can we live our lives by only following our Saturn. What about the gift of fantasy, dream, inspiration. Most of our great ideas begin with those inspiring thoughts and dreams. Many of past and present day artists, musicians, singers, writers and even people working in fields of science and technology need to work with their Neptune.

We have come to this world to work on our dreams, and to give form to all those ideas that live inside our mind. Saturn is the planet that gives form to our imagination and brings it into the solid world. We see it happening in our every day life, when a painting, a song, a novel, and a movie becomes part of millions of lives, it connects humanity from all parts of our world. When humans create technology that benefits all of humanity, and it connects people from all walks of life. When drugs are made to save millions of lives. Saturn is the planet that manifests what Neptune desires. Saturn and Neptune are connected to each other like body to the soul. Both these planets carry their shadows, or negative sides. Neptune brings deception, fog, confusion while Saturn brings fears, ridged attitude, and desire for control. Can we overcame those shadows?

Saturn is practical and earthly, Neptune is water, inspirational and emotional. Saturn needs Neptune’s waters to create flowers, and Neptune needs Saturn’s boundaries to channel through. Saturn is the architect and builder while Neptune is the dreamer and idealist of our zodiac. We can understand our true calling by combining those energies.

In this technological era while Saturn builds new foundations, and Neptune dissolves boundaries it is difficult to distinguish facts from various versions of truth. It is merging process between polar opposites, reality may emerge as something totally different than what we had imagined!
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