Hello, star sign visitors, There is a planet in our solar system that truly shapes our lives and our world around us. It is not the planet that will bring you fame, fortune, and praises of glory, but it will make you do the job that you came here to do. If you were unwilling to work hard or ignore its demands, well that’s not an option with this planet. In astrology it is known as the drill sergeant of our zodiac. By now you must have pretty good idea that I am going to talk about Saturn.

When we think of sacrifice and service Pisces and Virgo come to mind, but without the help of Capricorn and its ruler Saturn we wouldn’t understand the true meaning of service. Let’s look at the facts( that’s what Saturn rules). When Saturn gets closer to our sun, the moon or any other planet in our natal chart, we start to feel its choke hold in our life. It has been called the planet of restrictions and phobias. At times it will take so much courage and discipline to face the challenges that accompanies this planet’s arrival. Lets look at the pros and cons of living with the Saturn.

It is the planet that breaks our backs, sometimes literally,( it rules structures and bones). When it leaves certain part of our birth chart, it feels like weight has been lifted off of our shoulders. Now what about natal Saturn? the one we were born with at time of our birth(that permanent imprint). As we grow older and live with it for decades, we kind of get use to its challenges. There is never full immunity to its demands, but you kind of say o.k I have been there before. It acts like a joint pain that flares up from time to time, and you know it hurts, but you also know it won’t kill you, as long as you listen to your doctor’s advice, take your medicine, exercise, lose weight, and eat healthy then you can manage your life, but what if you want a break, or get lazy, then there are not many good options. Now, wait a minute, routine discipline work isn’t all that bad, we will get to live healthy long life, get to see our grand children’s graduations and weddings what more could we ask for?

Well, Saturn is that bitter medicine that is essential for our long term survival. When we are young and haven’t been through complete cycle of Saturn(Saturn return at the age of 28 to 30 years) then long term planning is not the part of solution, and any responsibility makes us feels like we are carrying ton of bricks on our backs. Saturn is no easy planet to deal with at times it puts road blocks in our path to slow us down, but as we mature and become wiser we understand the value of restrictions and discipline in our lives.

As Saturn moves through each part of our birth chart our life comes under Its scrutiny, it ask why haven’t we learnt to discipline ourselves, why aren’t we living up to our full potential. Sometimes the solutions and medicine Saturn provides are easy to digest but at other time we may have a great reaction to it. Saturn close to our Sun or the moon can be downright depressing, emotionally draining, and even physically challenging, under tough Saturn cycles we lose strength, get ill, even lose hope, but if we live through its tests, Saturn can be source of great wisdom and endurance.

As long as we live, Saturn will be passing over different points of our birth chart checking for any and all weaknesses, and as other planets move through the heavens and interact with Saturn we will face new sets of challenges, but it is through Saturn’s discipline that we overcome many obstacles in our lives.

Without help from Saturn our zodiac is incomplete, mars energy has no limits or direction, Jupiter’s optimism has no boundaries, Uranus can only bring lighting bolts of ideas that will never see the light of the day, Neptune will see its dreams fade away as a fog. Pluto will ignite strong passion without transformation. All these planets need Saturn to provide the structure and platform.

Our future Mozart, Picasso, and Einstein will need Saturn in their lives. If we want to talk about service we must look at Saturn in our birth chart because that’s the area where we have served all of our lives, it hasn’t been pleasant, it hasn’t been easy but it has meaning and a greater purpose.

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