Humanity and universe!

We live in a very vast universe with trillions of galaxies and star systems, but in some unknown corner of this vastness exists this tiny little solar systems that is quite unique, it has this planet that is just the right distance from its star and this planet provides right kind of ingredients and environment for life to exist and evolve.

Our universe since the day of its beginning has created vast amount of matter and expands, all species here on earth reproduce and multiply, even a tiny little seed carries inside it a blue print of its growth and expansion, everything in our universe and on this earth carries a message of its intelligence and purpose, we are all seeds of our living universe, we carry within us the blue print or DNA of our universe.

Is it only a coincidence that our species has evolved, and become conscious. Why do we want to search and explore vast distances of our universe, why do we want to create artificial life forms as intelligent as our selves, because it is in our universal DNA or blue print to be inquisitive, to explore, create and change our environment.

Our physical bodies might be limited and dense, but we were provided the gift of subconscious mind that is limitless, and eternal. It is through our mind that we connect and create all reality around us, everything that humans create starts as an idea or a thought.

Conscious is part of our vast universe,  everything within our universe maintains balance. Everything in our universe is in constant motion, yet it maintains its equilibrium, it may not be what  humans consider conscious but our universe has its own breath, and rhythm. We need to understand the language of our universe. we are all seeds of this large conscious. There is deeper connection between universe and humanity. We are all part of our universe, forces that influence our solar system also influence us!


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This blog is about astrology and planetary cycles, and the effects on people.
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