Astrology and human mind!

We live in an era where space, time, human mind and latest technologies are all interconnected. Present day astrologers associate four planets with  human ingenuity, creative thought patterns and development of latest technologies.
We begin with mercury, It rules part of our conscious where we must find facts, logical explanation, proof and evidence for our beliefs. Mercury rules, distances, measurements, mathematics, communication, and technologies.

As we collect all this information and connect the dots, it has to serve a greater purpose. We collect this information but not all of it is useful or needed. Part of our mind that sorts through this information to create a larger view comes under the domain of Jupiter.
There is a great correlation between technological advancement and human capacity to learn at fast pace. Uranus rules electrical signals of our brain, its works at lighting bolt speeds. It is known for new scientific discoveries, it maximizes parts of our brain’s capacity. People with extra ordinary talents and abilities are influenced by its impulses. It rules internet and electricity.

We live in multi dimensional world created by space time, technology and human mind. Science tells us that our universe came to existence out of nothing, but it is difficult concept for human mind to understand. The minute we think about nothing we bring it to existence. In human mind everything holds a value. Just as in present day computers zero is as important as number 1. In our universe black holes hold value even if they are not visible. That’s how Neptune works in astrology. It is point of endings and beginnings, where boundaries of space time and human logic dissolve. With Neptune we learn that there are parallel universes where laws of physics may not apply. Neptune dissolve boundaries between human subconscious and super conscious, it connects us all, it is connections of all things in our universe. It makes us feel the pulse of our universe!


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This blog is about astrology and planetary cycles, and the effects on people.
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