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Hello star sign visitors, in past few years we have seen cardinal signs initiate many changes, we are still in process of adjusting to those changes, this process is not over yet. As planets once again move this time to the mutable signs we will need to make many new adjustments. In coming months eclipses will also put spot light on mutable signs( Virgo and Pisces). What can we anticipate as Jupiter moves to Virgo and Saturn makes Sagittarius(mutable sign) its home for next 2 and a half years. What kind of changes can we expect as our focus shifts.

In astrology mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are known for their flexible nature, creative ideas and communicative abilities. Even though these signs share many commonalities, yet their differences make them quite unique, their most important quality is their flexible nature which can be a great asset in time of need. It is their love for learning, sharing and exchange of ideas that helps them cross boundaries and work together. Lets begin with dual natured air sign, Gemini. Their love for communication surpasses all other signs. They have light hearted breezy quality that makes them masters of airways. They can gather and disperse information at lighting speeds. They are also known for their phenomenal multi tasking abilities. They share their ruler mercury with the Virgo. Virgo builds upon the qualities of Gemini. Mercury works quite differently when it comes to the Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign, which make it dense, practical and logical. It is known as the sign of service. It is most concern with putting ideas into practical use. Its purpose is betterment of our society, this sign’s ability for critical thinking provides it with the focus to pay close attention to the small details that are essential for solving problems. Our health care, food, farming, labor and service industries come under the sign of Virgo. With help of Gemini we create technologies, connect, share and disperse information but with help of Virgo we can correct any flaws and put those technological advancements to good use. It is this sign’s relentless effort, desire for perfection, and exceptional service that brings it applause from others.

Gemini and Virgo are concerned with components, parts, and details, but when it comes to the Sagittarius, it works with same information quite differently. It works through all those ideas and details to draw a full picture. Sagittarius is highly optimistic fire sign. It is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is jovial planet it brings optimistic view, luck and expansion to everything it touches, it can broaden our vision for our future, it is here to show us the possibilities. Sagittarius rules over laws, various cultures, foreign countries, travel, universities, education, philosophical pursuits, and faith. Sagittarius shares its ruler with Pisces. While Sagittarius gives us broad vision for our future, Pisces goes beyond boundaries and finds deeper connection to unite everything. Jupiter provides us with the global vision while Pisces deals with universal connections. It has Jupiter and Neptune as its rulers. Pisces is water sign. It has emotional intelligence, it deals with our spiritual and emotional needs. With Pisces our faith goes much deeper, and With help from its second ruler Neptune we can learn compassion and sacrifice. Pisces rules over pharmaceuticals industries, sea, fishery, drugs, alcohol, charity work, hospitals, and places of confinement. Movies, photography, music, art and artists come under this sign. It rules subconscious mind. Each of these signs has its shadow sides. Gemini can be shallow, Virgo can be nit picky and critical, Sagittarius can be overly optimistic and miss important details, and Pisces can be unrealistic and dreamy, but mutable signs possess the gift of flexibility, which helps them share ideas for the betterment of everyone. Most of us have natal planets in these signs, so even if we are not born under certain astrological sign we can still understand those energies. During our life span many of heavenly bodies will transit through those signs, so we will have to deal with those energies, regardless of not having  natal planets in those signs.

On the 18th, of September Saturn will move to Sagittarius. Saturn is the planet of authority, control, commitment, long term planning, boundaries, and traditions, while Sagittarius is a sign of independence, expansion, and optimism. These energies are not very compatible. Signs mostly define laws and boundaries under which planet operates, but Saturn restricts whatever it touches, so we may see many things go through Saturn’s scrutiny. Will Saturn define boundaries through which expansion happens? will it reform? Or will it  bring restrictions? Specially with move of Jupiter to Virgo(health, work, labor) soon. Saturn is also about to square(make hard aspect)to Neptune, planet of compassion, faith, and spiritually. Will Saturn bring strong faith but no compassion? Or mutable sign will bring positive changes through dialogue and exchange of ideas?
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