World of Neptune!

In astrology each planet represents certain energies, let’s look at Neptune, it is known as master of illusions. Its energy impulses can be illusive, inspiring, creative, or maddening. It represents height of glamour and depths of sorrow. Neptune dissolves boundaries between reality and illusion. Let’s see how its influence can be felt in our modern day lives.
Today’s world is filled with glamorous images. It is a place where reality is merging with fantasy. In modern day society everything is shared and glorified on a grand scale, from vast corners of our world billions of people connect and share their lives in technology based cyber world. We live in an era where influences of our outer world can also become part of our digital world. As millions of  images are being broadcasted and vast numbers of stories shared online, we are crossing boundaries of space and time and uniting on a grand scale, that’s how mystical world of Neptune works. Influence of this planet is felt on very subtle level, it works like fog; mist that can’t be contained within boundaries, it inspires humanity towards, unity, compassion and love, but Neptune also has its shadow side where reality merges with illusions, and it is difficult to distinguish between reality and fabrication. Humanity is creating an imaginary world that partly reflects our real world.
This cyber mind connected through vast networks, electric signals, and storage capacity, is a place where humanity shares its impulses. Right now we look at this vast network as wires and connections, but behind these connections are living humans being, these billions of minds are unconsciously contributing and developing a large organism. Will the haze of Neptune that runs through these connections provides it with the soul,( light, love and compassion). Or will we live with Neptune’s shadows? what kind of reflection will humanity see through these mirrors?
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This blog is about astrology and planetary cycles, and the effects on people.
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