Astrological birth chart!

A birth chart is our astrological clock, with 12 numbers representing 12 astrological signs or division of our sky containing 12 constellations. The sun takes a month to pass through each astrological sign, while the moon takes almost a month to pass through all those astrological signs, these celestial bodies work like hands on a clock, the sun moves slowly, while the moon moves much faster.
Now imagine after the birth of a child you had taken a picture of that child, as that child grows and interacts with others, he learns and develops his personality, as he grows he evolves, after many years he may not have anything in common with that picture, but he is still that same person, his hereditary qualities, his DNA, his birth parents, siblings, and relatives will not change, no matter where he goes and how he lives.
In the same way the astrological birth chart can be compared to a person’s infancy, in the beginning it is raw and undeveloped, but with passage of time it will grow into its full potential. It works as person’s foundation, it is a cosmic imprint on a person’s life and it will stay with him throughout his life, andĀ  through this lens he will see the world, learn, and grow.
Our astrological chart contains within itself the story of our life, it not only shows us our interactions with our family, friends, and partners, but also how we interact with the world at large. The birth chart tells the story of our past, present, and of our future possibilities.
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