New moon May 18th, full moon June 2nd!

Hello star sign visitor, each month we have new moon in a sign, This month we have the new moon on May18th, at 26 degrees Taurus. Let’s see what to expect with arrival of this moon. Taurus is the sign associated with business ventures, financial matters, acquisition of wealth, material security and status. You might have been working on those issues for past few weeks due to the many planets( mars, mercury, Venus) passage through the Taurus, so if you have already put your plans into action, like moved to higher paying job, gotten a raise,  promotion, started saving then you have already started the process, but if for some reason things haven’t worked well for you then this moon is about to energize you to take action. Now this new moon will bring few obstacles and delays due to opposition from the planet Saturn. The same day planet of communication, travel and contracts(mercury) will also turn retro, with this planet of communication retro we need to go back and fix things, get in touch with our past contacts like old friends and colleagues. Dear reader, your opportunities might come from the people  you already know and have worked with.

On the 21st, may the Sun moves to Gemini. Gemini is a duel natured sign, people born under this sign are known for their multi tasking skills. Gemini are also known for their fabulous communication abilities and technological skills, as planets transit through this sign, we will focus our attention on multi tasking, it might become difficult to make choices due to the multiple options to choose from, opportunities may also come through more than one source, but try to refrain from making hasty decision because  mercury will be at hard angle to the Neptune, so you may not have the clear picture of the whole situation, there is a possibility of misjudgment, miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Days between 21st, may through 2nd, June and few day beyond could bring obstacles, around the 21st, 22nd, Saturn will be in opposition to the sun, it is a stressful aspect. Saturn the planet known to rule older and authoritative people, when at odds with the sun could bring forceful and controlling people into one’s life. The sun rules our vitality, energy, and fun so this transit can have depressing or draining effects on people. Saturn also rules structures and bones, rushing to get things done is not a good option, this aspect may bring delays and restrictions. Best way to handle these energies, is to work diligently through the problem and not to rush. Specially 21st, through the 26th, could be time of confusion and miscommunication, you may have to tackle multiple tasks and your attention may also get diverted in many different directions.

Once we are past first few days of June, tides will start to turn and our energy and optimism will return, and as we get closer to mid month mercury will turn direct. We will have new moon in Gemini June 16th. From this point onwards there will be many positive opportunities and surprises coming till the end of June. Mercury will square Neptune in may and part of June, so it would be wise to check all the details before making any commitment because with Neptune comes fog and confusion.
Dear reader, this month after the 20th, many planet will transit through Gemini,  if you are working in communication, travel, transportation, or electronics industry then you will be one busy bee, and even if this month brings few obstacles, with the arrival of June your optimism will return and you will start to see the rewards of all that hard work. Mid June you will have many opportunities and surprises coming your way as Jupiter, the sun, and Uranus will be sending positive energies. Now you do need to check you birth(natal) chart to see if these transits effect any natal planet, because it could intensify or reduce those effects. Your birth chart also shows you areas of your life that are being influenced.

New moon in Taurus,( values, possessions, finances, income)
After 21st, sun in Gemini, (education, transportation, electronics, media, internet, communication, youth, siblings, short distance travel, local, smaller parts, sharing of ideas, learning, dispersal of information)
Full moon June 2nd,(Sagittarius, college, university, education, long distance travel, global, faith, cultures, law, publishing, broadcasting, intellectual properties, big picture, optimism)!
May 21st, through 26th, may bring obstacles and delays, rushing things will not help.
Full moon 2nd, June, in Sagittarius makes good aspect to Jupiter, planet of travel, cultures, law, education, faith, opportunities, optimism, but squares Neptune, over optimism, or rushing things could cause problems, Neptune is known to cloud judgment.


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