The Universe, Planetary Cycles, and Humanity

Hello, star sign visitor, you may be wondering how astrology works? Is there such a thing as planetary cycles influencing people’s lives? Well, dear reader that you will have to decide for yourself. I am here to only present ideas. Astrology is the observation of planetary cycles and its influence on our society. In astrology results are not based on the experiments, knowledge is gained through observation. Present day astrologers are not star gazers, they use modern day technology to chart the maps of our sky, and to calculate the planetary distance and angles.

To understand how astrology works, we must know how forces within our universe work. Our universe was created with an energy blast, and everything around is a part of that energy. Life here on Earth is possible due to the energy of our Sun. Our Earths magnetic field works as a protective shield against the Suns deadly radiation. The Suns gravity keeps the other planets locked in circular motion at a safe distance. All these invisible forces in our universe and here on earth play a crucial role in the survival and advancement of our species. Some of these forces are quite noticeable, but there are other forces in our universe that work behind the scenes to bring changes, such as dark matter, dark energy, and black holes. Their effects on our universe can’t be denied. It is the same way with astrology, we observe planetary energies or forces that work behind the scene to create certain shifts and changes in our society. Astrologers have observed that these changes occur as planets align or make contact at a certain angle.

We live in an interconnected world, and use many modern day technologies, yet we rarely pay attention to the forces behind those advancements. These are electromagnetic waves, microwaves, cosmic waves, invisible to the naked eye, but its effects on humanity through the use of the latest technology cannot be denied. Our televisions, cellphones, satellites, microwaves, and many other modern day developments are possible due to the use of these energy waves. It is due to the use of these energy waves and modern day technology that we can see and hear much farther in distance than ever before. With modern day technology, humans can create vast changes around the world without their physical presence there.

The human body contains billions of cells. These cells perform countless functions without our knowledge. These cells need energy to function and reproduce. If these tiny cells don’t get energy through food, they will stop working properly and it could wreak havoc on our bodies. Our universe functions no different than our bodies. Billions of galaxies and star systems are contained within this large body called the universe, and our solar system is probably like a tiny little cell. We are living inside this tiny bubble, unaware of its influence on us, or our on this planet. Through the study of astrology we learn that we are not separated from the universe around us. Forces influencing larger bodies will also have effects on us.

Our DNA, is invisible to the naked eye but it contains our genetic code. It can, not only tell us what we inherited from our Great Grand-Parents, but it can also show us the possibilities for our future survival. Similarly, astrology shows us that at the moment of our birth, there was a cosmic imprint on our being that will stay with us throughout our lives, and it will work as our foundation upon which we must build. All those planetary transits and cycles are there to guide us with that process.

Thank you for reading.


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This blog is about astrology and planetary cycles, and the effects on people.
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