That Pesky little Pluto!

That pesky little Pluto, some call it dark lord of the under world, others refer to it as planet of death and transformation, even taxes come under its domain. It was discovered in 1930. Its presence has been associated with mass destruction, and transformation. Astronomers had issue with its tiny size, and demoted it to the dwarf planet, but In astrology this little dwarf holds the power of a giant. Regardless of its size and status its influence on society makes it the bully of our solar system. In astrology this little dwarf represents power and wealth, its shadow side turns desire for power and control into obsession. It rules roots and all things that are underground, it exposes the darker side of society. Pluto brings to the surface taboos and hidden issues. Its purpose is to expose and transform.   


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This blog is about astrology and planetary cycles, and the effects on people.
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