New moon April 18th, Full moon May 3rd!

Hello, star sign visitor, if you are curious about energies this new moon is about to bring you then you have come to the right place. It’s is the only new moon in the astrological sign of aries for this year, so you need to decide soon which dreams are important to you, and what plans you must put into action to get the desired outcome. Since this new moon is in Aries, we need to look at its ruler mars to assess where we need to focus our attention. Currently mars is transiting through financially savvy sign of the Taurus. So making solid financial plans for the future, applying for the higher paying job with greater benefits, long term investment and saving plans can all be part of the picture now.
Mars in Taurus can bring determination to carry on with your plans, now you have a better chance of sticking to your goals. Venus the planet of love, luck, and pleasures is transiting through Gemini, the sign known for its good communication abilities, it will make a wonderful aspect to Jupiter on 21st April, use this day for all communication related projects, negotiation, travel, or have chitchat with your sibling. Same day ruler of communication mercury will square Jupiter, which makes people over optimistic and our assumptions can be off, so make sure you understand what’s offered.  The Sun, mars, and mercury are currently transiting through the Taurus, and mars and mercury will make contact with the Pluto for next few days , It will provide you with determination and will power that can work magic for you.
Using the dates closer to the new moon when planets are in better alignment can bring befits into your future, so dear reader, if your plans weren’t working out so well in the past, this new moon is about to give you the energy boost you need to get started.  As we get closer to mid may mercury will be turning retro, and mercury retro is no time to begin new project, or sign new contracts, that’s why you must use first 10 days after the arrival of this new moon to start new projects.
Taurus is the sign known for its endurance, and sustained effort, it is highly practical sign that is financially resourceful, it has a good business sense, and it is known for using its resources wisely. Dear reader you will have those energies available to you for next few weeks, now you will need your birth chart to find that specific area of your life through which these energies will manifest. As we get closer to the full moon on may 3rd, our attention will diverted towards paying off debt, getting finances for certain purchases, borrowing.
This full moon is in the sign of Scorpio, which deals with, death, rebirth, transformation, loans, debt, sexual relations, taboos, and secrets. Full moon can help with completion of certain processes, it can also bring to light certain information, so you might find out something that was kept in dark from you, sometimes it can bring endings or completions in an area of your life. This full moon is going to square Jupiter so dear reader, watch out for any access behavior that can become source of trouble. This full moon will be in good aspects to the Pluto and Neptune, so with some effort, you will be able to find solution to your problem. Scorpio is the sign known for its transformational qualities, and this full moon will be good time to transform something in your life, dear reader! Thanks for visiting, and I wish you all the best.


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