Neptune, the door between two worlds!

Each and every soul that has ever lived on the planet earth has felt its presence. This planet of fog, and illusion had inspired many to provide true selfless service, and yet this same planet has brought mass delusion to others. How can Neptune have such diverse effects, for some it is total ecstasy for others it is total despair. Neptune represents duel nature of the human psyche. People born with strong Neptune can feel those extremes throughout their lives. Neptune ruler of the sea is as mystical as the creatures that live at the bottom of the sea. Neptune rules secrets, self sacrifice, hidden enemies, and subconscious mind. Living with Neptune can be quite painful specially if we don’t tap into the lessons it provides. This planet of fog and illusion is known to bring chaos and confusion into our lives, yet we can also learn through its lessons to heal ourselves and others. It works as a wave that washes ashore to bring sea life, shells, and pearl as a gift and takes away all that was left there.
The planet Neptune is known for dissolving boundaries between reality and illusion. Many artists, poets,  and painters, are born under strong influence of the Neptune. It is the parts they play, their songs, music, lyrics, paintings, and art that inspires and attracts millions. These artists play certain roles that public loves and adores, and soon enough it becomes part of their public identity. Neptune works like fog, wave, fume, smoke, and mist that can cross barriers. Pisces and its ruler Neptune can show us the side of humanity that is full of compassion, love and sacrifice. Yet its duel nature could also bring to our attention the mass delusions of the society, where a person or a group believes that they have the right philosophy, or belief system that needs to be followed. The planet Neptune can be reason for that blind spot in our thinking, and to deal with this fog we must be willing to question all our assumptions.
Neptune is the door between two worlds, it is time before the birth of our universe, when billions of galaxies and star systems were contained inside a tiny atom. Neptune also represents time when cycle of completion or ending is upon us. With Neptune line between reality and illusion becomes blurry. Its dual nature can be inspiring or maddening. Its greater purpose is to bring compassion and unity to all.


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This blog is about astrology and planetary cycles, and the effects on people.
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