New moon in Pisces!( March, month of opportunities)!

Hello, star sign visitor, This new moon on February 18th, is about to take you to a whole different world. It is in very close contact with the highly intuitive, and emotional planet Neptune. Dear reader, this new moon asks, what inspires you? What are your dreams, wishes and desires that you need to fulfill? Neptune is the planet that dissolves boundaries, it is the planet that reminds us to have faith, look around, all those marvels of art,( sculptures, paintings, music, beautiful architecture,) were once part of someone’s imagination. All creativity starts with our imagination. Pisces is the sign of the very gifted, and creative people. It also rules compassion and charity. so dear reader if you are  thinking I am not an artist, writer, musician or a painter, no worries, it is that creative force that will influence you, how you use it is up to you. Now new moon brings energy that you need to use, it is not a magical wand that wishes are fulfilled instantaneously, well sometimes Neptune can create miracles, but with Saturn in such a close square to the new moon,  we will have to devote all of our time and energy towards achieving our goals. Saturn is a tough teacher that will make us work long and hard and he is always there to remind us to be practical. So with arrival of this new moon on February 18, start working on your dreams, be creative, (sun; ruler of the heart, desire, creative force; moon ruler of our emotions, feelings; and Neptune, soul) put your heart and soul into it. It may take long, you will have to work hard, but Neptune is there to inspire you. Neptune is the planet of selfless love, and spirituality, it believes in oneness of everything, and giving to others without the expectation of anything in return.
Dear reader, being selfless can become a tiny bit difficult after 20th, February, as Mars, the planet of action and energy will move into the Aries. In Pisces it was full of compassion but It is very energetic in the fire sign Aries, here mars believes in the passionate love. Specially around 21st, 22nd, that’s when Venus planet of love and luxury will join Mars in the Aries. now there is no stopping you from going after whatever your heart desires. Moon is also joining the party, talk about emotionally charged. Specially with crazy, electric Uranus close by you never know what comes up. One word of caution, astrological sign Pisces and its ruler Neptune also rules, pharmaceuticals, drugs, alcohol, all medicine, fumes, and water related activities. We are going to have hard aspect from planet Saturn to the Sun in Pisces on 22nd, 23rd, so Neptune related activities may not go so well. As sun is in close conjunction to Neptune( planet of fog and confusion) make sure you know all the facts before finalizing any plans. It is good day for doing creative and charitable work. Pluto the planet of power and control is also not too happy with the rebellious Uranus, so keeping things under control will be ideal, these two planets  stay in hard aspects to each other through out the month of march, having said that there are high energy aspects coming your way dear reader. Starting march 1st, We have a wonderful fire  trine between planets. With the passage of each day you will feel the energy built up, until we reach the full moon and few days beyond. This trine is going to bring quite a bit of energy, used properly, it could be a source of great creative force, but if not controlled it could bring haste, and crazy rash behavior.  Dear reader, Planet mars is going to provide you energy, Uranus is there to make you innovative and creative, Neptune will inspire you to dream big, Saturn is there to make you realistic, and show you how to achieve your goals, and Venus and Jupiter will bring luck and opportunity. Dear visitor, first week of march is about to bring you many surprising  opportunities, choose one dream that’s close to your heart and start working on it. I will post my forecasts for the full moon soon. It is in the astrological sign of Virgo, which deals with labor, health and services. Until then good bye, and good luck with all your new ventures!
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