New moon in Aquarius, Full moon in Leo (forecast)!

Hello star sign visitor, If you are care free, highly independent person that loves to work on their own schedule, (specially an electronics junkie) spend most of your time around modern technology then you are in luck because you are going to love this new moon on 20th, January. Don’t worry, even if you are not into all that  crazy digital world around you, there are opportunities for everyone to benefit from this new moon. This new moon is about to open a door of opportunity to learn new things, explore new worlds, go where your imagination takes you. We are talking about Aquarius new moon, and its ruler Uranus. Aquarius is a sign that doesn’t believe in limitation or boundaries, with its ruler Uranus in charge of this new moon, any thing and everything is possible. This moon makes good aspects to Saturn, planet that is known for long term planning. Saturn rules maturity and older generation, while Uranus has strong influence over youths. Uranus is planet known to bring rebellion, shocks and surprises. All scientific discoveries, new creative ideas, sudden intuition, and futuristic technology come under the sign of Aquarius. This  new moon could also shift our focus towards humanitarian causes or environmental issues. Now there is going to be a little problem when it come to all these communications and technologies. Mercury planet of communications, travel, and transportation is changing direction. Mercury goes retro on 21st January, so for next three weeks all electronic communications, travel, transportation could have issues, but we are talking mercury retro in Aquarius sign of the crazy, genius, so there will always be weird, out of ordinary fixes. With mercury retro, it is the time to go back to all those old ideas, projects that you started but never had time to finish. Now influence of this new moon stays in effect for next 4 weeks, but its effects are strongest in first two weeks. As we get close to February 3rd, we will start to feel the influence of the full moon in Leo strongly. Leo is the sign of royalty. Celebrities, head of the states, and all famous people come under this sign. Leo rules fun activities, youth, and young at heart.  This full moon is all about being creative, loving what ever you do, and having fun with it. This Leo full moon is in close contact to the planet of fortune and expansion Jupiter. Jupiter tells us to dream big, look at the big picture, have an optimistic outlook for our future. Now this full moon combines energy of optimistic Jupiter with energetic surprising, and shocking Uranus and the Sun. It is quite a mix of excitement. Whatever this moon brings will surely be unexpected and surprising. For some Uranus can be little too much energy to handle, mixed with Jupiter it can bring out rash, crazy, arrogant side in some people, but for most part it’s very positive energy. It is time to use creative force within you, and enjoy the excitement this full moon brings you. Thanks for visiting!


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