New moon in sign of Capricorn (forecast)

Hello star sign visitors, if you are wondering what to expect with this new moon in Capricorn then you have come to the right place. Dear reader if you are financially savvy, know how to budget, good with business dealings, and take charge kind of person then you are in luck because this new moon will open the door of opportunity to mix and mingle with powerful people, but you must walk through the door to get to where you want to be. This new moon of December 21st, is in highly ambitious sign of  the Capricorn. It requires us to focus our attention like a beam of light on our goals, make long term plans, work hard and not give up until we have achieved all our objectives. As we get closer to the full moon we will be faced with many obstacles, so it is good idea to begin our projects before the arrival of the full moon. 
Now lets look at few details, on December 21st, we have the sun, the moon, mercury, Venus, Pluto all in close contact in the of sign of Capricorn. People born under this sign believe in achievements through hard work. No matter how many obstacles come their way, they will not give up their dreams. Capricorn knows how to get to the top of the ladder. Governments, corporations, businesses large and small come under this sign. Everyone born on this earth has astrological sign Capricorn somewhere in their birth chart so we all will feel its influence in our lives.
After December 20th our focus will shift towards financial matters. Mercury transits through this sign could bring us opportunity to travel for business purpose, sign contract, or negotiate business deals. with Venus(planet of love, pleasures, money) close by opportunities are there to have financial backing, and with Pluto(power house) we can start to make transformational changes. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn is known for dealing with hard core facts, self control and maturity. Long term projects and planning also comes under Capricorn. So if you had made any big plans in past weeks and months, you can put them into action. December 24th might bring few obstacles due to square between mercury and Uranus so don’t use this date for new initiation, not a good idea to bring out issues for discussion. Doing something new and different is o.k but going wild is another thing. Sometimes these aspects could bring out wild and rebellious side in people (specially younger generation) Uranus is also changing from retro to direct on 22nd December. Dates close to December 24th could bring few surprising obstacles, but Capricorn is known for its patience and perseverance, so we can find a way to solve our issues. Saturn will also change sign, it will move from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 23rd, when a planet changes direction or sign, it is an indication of changes in society’s psyche and values. With Saturn’s move to Sagittarius issues related to laws, faith, religion, university level education, foreign places, cultures will be reformed. Changes Saturn brings might take a while but these reforms will be permanent. I will talk about it in detail in my next few post. This new moon is in close contact with planet of compassion, inspiration, and creativity, Neptune, so using all those creative ideas can bring great benefits. We have a full moon on January 4th in astrological sign of Cancer, I will write about the January 4th, full moon in my next post. Thanks for visiting and happy holidays!!


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