New moon in Sagittarius, full moon in Gemini (forecast)

The new Moon is in Sagittarius, November 22, there is also a full moon in  Gemini December 6th.
November 22nd we have a new moon in the sign of Sagittarius. It brings to our attention issues related to higher education ,travel (long distance), law, faith,  and ethics. Publishing industry, and diverse cultures also come under astrological sign of Sagittarius. We have two weeks to begin our work but the best time for the new initiation is right after the arrival of new moon.
Friday November 29th we have first square (hard aspects) between the sun, currently in optimistic fire sign of Sagittarius, and the moon in watery emotional sign Pisces. Our desires and our emotional needs might bring conflict. Pisces rules drugs, alcohol, so care should be taken in consumption of those substances. As energies of fire(enthusiasm) and water signs (emotion) don’t blend well.       
Beginning of December brings great opportunities because the Sun, mercury, and Venus  are transiting through optimistic sign of Sagittarius and  Jupiter its ruler is in the fun loving, generous sign of Leo. December 1st, moon is in conjunction to Uranus planet of surprises and makes good aspects to the Sun. The same day we also have a square between mercury( planet of communications) and Neptune(fog, inspiration), we need to make sure that we are aware of all the details before we finalize our  plans. December 3rd, the Moon moves to the practical and calm sign of Taurus (finance, long term plans). It’s a good day to put our plans in to practical use. With the Moon in Taurus we take our time in making decisions but once we are  done planning and take action we have great determination to see that our plans come to completion. December 3rd, 4th the Sun is in very good aspects to planet of surprises Uranus, and Venus planet of love and pleasures is in close contact  with Jupiter which could bring  us surprising  opportunities. December 4th action planet Mar moves to Aquarius(sign of rebellion, independence and genius) and now energy shifts towards bringing  change through the use of communications, and doing things outside the box.
Throughout the month of December we have a very tight (close) 90 degree square between Pluto the planet of death, rebirth, transformation, power, and control currently in Capricorn and Uranus the planet of rebellion, shocks, and surprises. These are very tough aspects, but it all depends on the location of a person’s birth planets. Contact between outer planets and person’s natal planets can intensify, or reduce the intensity of these hard aspects. Pluto is also known as planet of power, and Uranus is known for sudden surprises and craze. With so much energy built up, if someone acts out of character, seems agitated, then it may not be a bad idea to move away from such situations, and not complicate things by arguing back.
          We have full moon in astrological sign of Gemini December 6th. Gemini is ruled by planet mercury. Sagittarius is known for looking at broader picture, while Gemini loves to gather and disperse information. With full moon in Gemini people are very communicative and versatile. Short distance travel,  all communications, technology, news,1st through 12th grade education, siblings, transportation, contracts all come under the sign of Gemini and its ruler mercury. Full moon will bring to light, fullness or completion matters related to the astrological sign of Gemini.  This full moon squares planet Neptune. Neptune is known for creating fog and confusion,  it is in good aspects to Uranus, planet known for bringing us surprises, and this moon has its last contact with planet Jupiter(fortune and expansion), and ( planet of pleasures )Venus.                                                                                                                                                       December 12th we have trine between mercury and Jupiter. hopefully we have fortunate news coming our way. It’s also a good day to share our ideas and solve issues through dialogue. December 14th brings fortunate exchange between the sun and Jupiter. We are in optimistic mood and we can work on all those big plans that we have been putting off for later date.  Effects of these planetary energies can be felt a day or two in advance as these planets get closer to each other, and their effects dissipate as they move further apart. In month of  December we have many planets in fire signs. Fire signs bring alot of action and energy into our lives. How we use those energies is up to us.  I wish you all very pleasant and happy holidays. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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