November Forecast

We will have a full moon on November 6th, in the astrological sign of Taurus. Last month we had new moon eclipse on October 23 in the sign of Scorpio. Taurus and Scorpio are considered the financial signs in astrology. Scorpio rules the 8th house of other people’s resources, death, rebirth, debt, and loans. October’s new moon brought us opportunity to deal with issues related to those matters. Now with the arrival of the this full moon we are focused on our personal possessions and resources.
This full moon in highly practical earth sign Taurus makes good aspects to Pluto( known as the planet of power, and transformation) and Mars( planet of action and energy). This month our focus should be on practical and long term planning towards achieving our financial goals. Taurus is a sign that loves to enjoy good food, entertainment, and daily pleasures of life. Arrival of the full moon also brings us the opportunity to entertain our self with good food, wine,   movie, visit an art gallery, or purchase something of the value. Moon’s last aspect is an opposition to the Saturn, (planet of restrictions). It is Saturn’s job to remind us of our limits and responsibilities.
We can feel the effects of the full moon couple of days earlier, at its fullness or few days later. On November 12th Venus( planet of love, money, pleasures) conjuncts Saturn(planet of restrictions, and hard work). We are required to focus on serious, long term relationship, and financial issues. Same day mars the planet of action and energy squares Uranus, planet known for bringing shocks and surprises, not a good day to rush things, discuss matters that could cause arguments. November 17th Sun conjunct Saturn. Very energy draining day. Effects of these planetary aspects could be felt within a time frame of a day or two.  Close to those dates people can became critical, edgy, or argumentative. It is best to use those planetary energies by finishing projects that require time, effort and hard work.
On November 22rd we have new moon in the astrological sign of Sagittarius. We leave the intensity of Scorpio and move to energetic fun loving fire sign. Jupiter is in Leo(fire sign) and with Sun moving to the sign of Sagittarius, we have  the Sun and  the Jupiter  in mutual reception, what it means is that Sun and Jupiter can work together towards achieving common goals.  All matters related to the children and entertainments come under the  Sun and  the astrological sign of Leo . Sagittarius is the sign known for knowledge, learning, law, foreign people and different cultures. Jupiter is considered the planet of good fortune, expansion, and higher education(university, college). It also expends our knowledge through the travel and interaction with the different cultures. On November 22rd our focus shifts to the issues  related to the sign of Sagittarius.
This new moon is in very close conjunction to the Saturn planet of the restrictions, planning, and practicality. Saturn is there to reminds us to be practical and stay within our limits. Also Pluto( power) and Uranus planet of shocks and surprises are forming close square (hard aspects). New moons open the pathway for new beginning in a certain area of our lives. Our birth charts will show us the area of this new beginning. For example if the new moon arrive in the 9th house of our birth chart, then we can choose to travel, go to college for higher degree, we may decide to study abroad, or choose to learn something online. There are many other ways we can use the energy of the new moon in our ninth house. New moon brings opportunities and new beginnings but we must make sure we have all the details before we make commitments because the planet Neptune(fog, confusion) makes square(hard) contact to the moon. Paying attention to details will be very important, if we can keep this cation in mind, this moon says go out and explore the world, specially around 26th November when Venus planet of  love, money and pleasures  linkup with the Uranus (planet of surprises).
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