Full Moon in Aries – Part II

Around the full Moon eclipse on October 8th, we have the moon in Aries conjunct Uranus. In astrology, Uranus is considered planet of new and futuristic ideas. It works at a lighting bolt speed. It is electronic, innovative,  unconventional, surprising, humanitarian, and genius. Uranus also has its negative side, it is the planet of rebelliousness, shocks, surprises, and craze. If a planet is in conjunction (very close in alignment) to another planet it will effect characteristics of that planet. In this Moon conjunct Uranus, whatever comes up could be surprising or shocking. Hopefully it is surprising in a good way.

Moon rules Cancer, and Cancer is a cardinal sign (action taker). People with Cancer Sun, Moon or rising sign love to nurture and protect. Cancer is water sign; highly emotional and takes action for safety reasons. Around the full Moon time, Sun and Moon will both form a square (90 degree angle) to Pluto (planet of transformation and power). Pluto is transiting through Capricorn for the past few years.

Capricorn is another cardinal sign and an Earth sign. People born under Capricorn are  practical, highly ambitious, and very hard working. They know how to achieve their goals. Capricorn gains respect and admiration of others through hard work and achievement. Pluto is currently in Capricorn. Pluto rules over power and transformation, while Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) is known for control and authority. It limits and restrict. Everyone in their birth chart has Saturn, depending on its sign and house position, a person will feel limits and restrictions in that area of life, and the only way to over come those restrictions is through very hard work,  persistence and patience.

With all the cardinal signs active during full moon, there is a desire to take action but everyone has a different idea and wants to go in different direction. With Jupiter (luck, expansion, opportunity) working with Mars (action) and Uranus (surprises), hopefully in the end it can work out.


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This blog is about astrology and planetary cycles, and the effects on people.
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