Full moon in Aries

A new moon occurs when the sun and moon conjunct in a zodiac sign. The new moon works as an ambassador; it takes the sun’s message through each zodiac sign. With a new moon during September, we started out with a planet of love, peace, and diplomacy. On October 8th, we will have full moon eclipse in Aries (Mars rules this eclipse). Full moon tends to be more emotional by nature. When sun and moon are in more compatible signs then things work out well. Outside influences work well with our inner needs (emotions). An aspect is considered negative, when squared at 90 degrees or in opposition at 180 degrees. When there are negative aspects between sun and moon then there is a need for compromise and adjustments.

At the time of new and full moons, there might be other planets in those signs. These planets have an important role to play. For example, Mercury (ruler of Gemini and Virgo) will be in Libra for most part of this and next month. Mercury is associated with human thought, language and communication. Travel, reading, writing, education, technology, electronics, and the internet all are influenced by Mercury. Ancient people thought of Mercury as messenger of Gods.

In the sign of Libra, Mercury communicates the need for partnership to accomplish our goals. Mercury is about to go retro on October 4th. With Mercury retro, progress will slow down and we need to go back and reevaluate our goals. Buying expensive items and signing new contracts is not a good idea during the Mercury retro phase. It can also have people from our past get in touch or come back to us. There is a possibility that people around us become indecisive and decisions might get delayed.


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