The base aspects

Humans only occupy a tiny speck of the infinite universe, but that doesn’t separate us from it. There is a universal force that keeps everything connected. We are alive because the sun is at an optimal distance from earth and this provides the right amount of sunlight to sustain life. In essence, sunlight is essential for life on earth; plant life depends on sunlight and we in turn depend on plant life.

We are all interconnected through technology. We are effected, whether directly or indirectly by what happens in the other parts of the globe. For example, music playing on the radio can be heard by a person in the same town or another country, and it may affect their mood. In the same manner, astrologers correlate the speed and distance of celestial bodies from each other to ascertain shifts in human psyche. In understanding the roles of celestial bodies, we will start out with the sun, ascendent and moon.

In astrology, the sun is our core and rules the sign of Leo. It is our ego and our inner child; its purpose is to make us shine. We are happiest when we live life true to our sun sign. When we are young, we are only familiar with our sun. As we grow older, through interaction with other people, we learn that not all of our actions are well received by society and therefore certain compromises are necessary.

In order to protect ourselves, we try to fit in by adopting to the norms of society. This is where our ascendant or rising sign comes in. We come to this earth with our sun sign and learn to adapt to our rising sign as we grow older. In order to survive, we have to connect to other human beings on an emotional level. The moon takes an active roll in shaping our emotional aspects. In astrology, the moon shows us how we nurture others and like to be nurtured.

The initial combination of the sun, ascendant or rising sign, and the moon determine a lot about our growth. Once we have this base, we can start to factor in other celestial bodies. I will explain other aspects in future posts. Thank you for reading and I hope you come back to explore our next topic.


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This blog is about astrology and planetary cycles, and the effects on people.
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