Nature, Elements, and astrology!

Since the dawn of civilization each person born on the planet earth carries within all the elements that belong to this magnificent planet. We begin our lives confined within a sack of liquid water oblivion to the reality outside this liquid world, as we develop and grow, each and every cell within our body will require liquid water to replenish it self. From the moment we take our first breath till last day of our live we will depend on it for our survival, without air to breath we cannot live. From the moment of our arrival, we are introduced to the energy and warmth of our Sun, its heart beats fire every second of its life and this energy provides nourishment to the different life forms, just as a human heart provides energy to the rest of its body.

It nurtures and protects us, carries us around, it puts ground under our feet, it never lets go, our mother earth. It covers us all with the blanket of protection from the harmful radiation and harsh elements, as this large body rotates on its axis and travels at phenomenal speeds through the vastness of space. Without earth human existence would not have been possible. These elements are part of us just as we are part of these elements.

These elements and connections are all around us, within a little seed that need earth to turn into the mighty tree. This tree can provide its shade, within its branches are the nests for the next generation, its flowers provide food for the honey bees. These bees can feed their young, and provide honey as a food source for the other species. This tree will give fruits that can also become the source of survival and nourishment for other life forms, its seeds can help in the growth of the Forest, within this forest rare plants and bird species can thrive, some of these plants could be essential to counter diseases. All these large and small plants and trees provide air that we breathe, and as this air turns into the wind it can carry these seeds to the other parts of the earth.  Moisture carried by the wind becomes droplets that comes down as a rain, and nurtures other parts of earth. If there was a single element missing life wouldn’t have taken shape as we know it today.

The elements of fire, air, water and earth are also part of each and every birth chart. The sun, the rising sign, the moon, and the location of planets will describe the elements that each person is naturally attuned with, for example the sun, the moon or any planets in Aries will make a person direct, and action oriented, of course location of the planet mars will describe further how that energy is being directed. Taurus being an earth sign is grounded, earthy, practical, and likes financial stability, location of its ruler Venus will bring illumination to how this energy can be used best.

Gemini an air sign is a natural communicator due to the light air quality of it’s sign, but location of mercury will illuminate further details about what’s the most natural mode used. water signs have emotional intelligence, they can naturally sense and feel the moods of people they connect with, they can work better when they connect directly with individuals, while fire signs bring enthusiasm, energy and vigor to the conversation. If a person lacks certain elements then it becomes difficult for that person to communicate through those elements, and they might not easily relate to the people with those elements, but they can overcome those issues through partnerships. Air and fire signs blend naturally due to compatibility of their elements, while earth and water sign can relate naturally, but a person could be a water sign with most planets located in the fire signs, and that would bring out that fire sign personality. Natal chart is complex set of instructions with planets located in various signs and elements, making positive and stressful connections, and as planets transit through the present day sky and connect with the natal chart it will not only activate the birth chart, but also create many new lines, and connections, and this interaction between outer planets, and natal chart can activate elements that were not dominant at birth time.

As we observe earth history, we can clearly see the deeper connection between these elements and emergence of life. Certain chemicals reactions between earth and water creates certain biological effects, and over a period of time those algae and bacteria secrete chemicals that are  responsible for creating atmosphere, and of course without the energy from our sun and the hot springs of the deep sea it wouldn’t have been possible. All these elements and eco systems are interconnected, and survival of one depends upon the survival of the another. Thanks for reading!

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Fixed signs!

Hello, star sign visitors, today I am going to talk about fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Before I begin there are few things I would like to discuss. In the beginning it seemed a bit confusing to observe that Astrological techniques and practices differ from one region to another, astrologers also had personal preferences for certain systems and techniques, but after a while of observing these various systems you realize that these systems no matter how different will create similar results. Guidance from the universe comes through various modes and ways.

Our universe has trillions of galaxies and star systems, each quite different and unique yet part of the same universe. Each star, planet, large and small body, describes our universe, each connected to the whole in its own unique way. Our earth with different parts and regions, with so many species, races, and colors, created from the same elements, and belonging to the same earth. The same universal truth is true for astrology, science or any other subject. Our connections are universal.

Our birth charts also represent same principles, it is interconnected sets of instructions that can describe  past influences, present conditions, and future possibilities. It describes struggles, and opportunities we come across, it can also show us the world around us. Planets might describe our personal struggles, but signs will describe universal trends.
In past years we had cardinal cross and eclipses in the cardinal sign, then came mutable cross and eclipses in mutable signs, we still have Virgo/Pisces eclipses continue until the next year, it’s time of adjustments to all those changes that were brought by cardinal signs. Pluto and Uranus still remain in cardinal signs, and in September Jupiter moves to the sign of balance, and partnership Libra. Cardinal theme continues with Pluto and Uranus there. After Jupiter and Uranus begin working with the Saturn, hopefully we can find solutions to those problems through partnerships. As eclipses start to move to the fixed signs(Leo, Aquarius), people, discussions and issues related to those signs will also take center stage.

As we move through the zodiac, we observe that cardinal signs initiate changes, mutable signs communicate, adjust, and adapt these changes, while fixed signs like to hold and maintain what was established. Fixed signs are like the pillar, that hold the structures, they will not be easily swayed or moved.

We begin with the fixed sign of the Taurus. Taurus represents the power of the bull. They can withstand great pressures, it is the sign that rules finance and wealth. It’s concerned with acquiring resources and the use of those resources for further development. It rules nature and greenery. Taurus will take its time to begin new relationship, or projects, once convinced that they have made the right decision, they will put their full commitment behind any relationship. It’s the sign of great stamina, endurance, and patience. Taurus is calm, yet stubborn. They’re not angered easily, but if provoked they will not back down. Taurus is ruled by the goddess of love, wealth, and pleasures, the Venus. At the bottom of their chart is there home, family section and it’s ruled by the sign of Leo, shows their, commitment and devotion to their family, their partnership, opponents section(seventh house) is ruled by the Scorpio, while their tenth house, top of their chart is ruled by the innovative Aquarius.

Taurus is earthly, slow yet stable, while Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac is full of energy, fire, and enthusiasm. They love to have fun, be center stage, and center of attention. Leo is also a fixed sign, the lion rules the heart, the energy, the ego, and generosity. Leo, requires loyalty when it comes to their family, friends, and partners. Leo is ruled by the mighty Sun. Leo, like its ruler, the Sun have special attraction that makes others gravitate towards them. Sometimes Leo can be over powering and dominating, which can create negative impression. Leo is ninety degrees away from the Taurus and Scorpio. It requires a lot of work to smooth those energies. These energies are part of all birth charts, for Leo, their home and family section is ruled by the fixed sign of Scorpio, while their partnership and competitors section the seventh house is ruled by the fixed sign, Aquarius, and their tenth house(how, world perceives someone, occupation, standing) is ruled by the Taurus.

As we move ninety degrees away from the Leo, we get to the Scorpio. It is known as the scorpion, the eagle, and the phoenix. Scorpio believes in privacy, they share their private lives with very few close friends and family. Scorpio being a water sign is very intuitive, their senses are quite sharp, their magnetic personality attracts people towards them like moth towards a flame, when challenged they can be formidable opponents, they will not back down easily. Scorpio is ruled by the mars and Pluto. Scorpio has the creative and destructive powers within, if they are able to control their negative side and their desire for power and control,  they are able to use these energies towards positive change, their transformational capabilities can be furthest reaching and useful to society.

They can become force for positive change, but to reach that level they will have to go through many personal challenges and setbacks. Even though Scorpio avoids lime light, their prestigious tenth house is ruled by  the sign of Leo, it requires them to be center stage, to perform, to be visible. It’s the fire and flame that reaches them. At the bottom of their chart is their fourth house of home and family. This sector of their chart is ruled by the shocking, surprising, rebellious Aquarius. As if life wasn’t full of intensity and challenges, their home and family life will also involve many changes and adjustments. With Taurus on their seventh house of partnership and opponents, they are always in search of stable partners, Venus as a ruler of their seventh house can provide opportunities.

As we move ninety degrees away from Scorpio we reach the fixed sign of Aquarius. Its desire for independence makes it rebel against any restrictions or control. They’re great humanitarians always willing to assist any cause that benefits the society. Aquarius is ruled by the Uranus and Saturn. In their youth their Uranus side is more dominant, as they reach adult hood and grow older they can develop discipline and respect for authority. Their fourth house at the bottom of their chart is ruled by the Taurus, and their seventh house of partners, opponents is ruled by the Leo, while their tenth house is ruled by the intensely powerful sign of Scorpio.

Fixed signs are immovable forces, they are the pillars that hold large structures. These signs are part of each and every birth chart, so we are all bound by their rules and influence. We are all subject to the stage, the drama, the ego, the generosity, the compassion, and the loyalty of the Leo. We can also feel the need and urge to acquire resources and hold on to possessions with Taurus, With Scorpio we feel the intensity and power to control, reform, or transform, and with Aquarius in our birth charts we want to rebel against certain restrictions and control, these energies are part of each and every birth chart, some parts of your birth chart maybe more dominant due to the natal planetary positions, but as planets transit through your birth chart, new and full moons arrive in the different sections and signs like hands on the clock they will bring to the focus all those energies.  Thanks for reading!

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Our life begins with words. Imagine your past as a child, when you picked up your first book with all those beautiful pictures and images, and right next to them were those symbols. Didn’t it make you wonder what are those and what do they mean? Then someone explained it to you that each letter when attached with the other creates a word and it means something, and many words together form sentences and paragraphs and they mean something and these words tell stories and those stories belong to groups of people and when they communicate and write those words it should mean something, and that’s how people communicate in our world.
So, what are words? Just letters and symbols or do they have power and value? All those words became millions of books and unimaginable amount of data that informs humans where we need to go, what we need to do, where to find a job, what food to eat, and it has turned into a giant web of connections. Words have changed history when they are used by the powerful personalities. Words have turned into ideas and those ideas have created the world we see around us. Words begin with mercury but they don’t end there they become big pictures, may even become brilliant ideas when combined with Jupiter and Uranus. These words become large volumes of information and books. Yes, books can be informative but learning is much more then reading words. Learning comes through experience, beauty of learning is that you can read the same book a thousand times and each time learn something new because it ignites the curiosity and passion for learning. As you go through the learning process, some words will become great source of inspiration and change your world and some words will have nothing to offer. Our learning begins with words but it doesn’t end there. As our world moves beyond words and transforms into the world of images how will it effect our future generations? what would they learn by observing these symbols and images?
Thanks for reading these words! (Thanks, Raymond Merriam and many others who have inspired me through their words).

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New moon and the mutable cross!

Hello star sign readers, today I am going to talk about the theory of everything. If you’re thinking, are you serious, Of course, not. The one I am talking about has nothing to do with science or Mr. Hawking (I have great respect and admiration for Mr. Hawking.) It has a lot to do with the arrival of the new moon in Gemini and the mutable cross.

This new moon in Gemini will open the portal of communication and ideas but due to the mutable cross, things might not work smoothly. If you are wondering what the heck is mutable cross, well, it is planetary alignment that is considered frictional in nature. It shows conflict among peoples about ideas, communication, and different point of views.  It represents a time when planetary elements and energies are not working smoothly, and all that chaotic energy causes disruption and havoc.

With the arrival of this new moon a portal of communication has been opened, but with the presence of the this mutable alignment it seems like everyone will be talking and communicating via various means, yet it will be difficult to pay attention, or listen! If you’re thinking at least there is conversation among people, I say, hum.. I guess soon we will miss the quiet times. Today as I write about signs, planets, and aspects at times it might sound like I am lumping together many different things but, I surely hope it would make sense at the end.
Mutable cross involves four signs(Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)each of these signs deals with communication and ideas. Lets begin with the  chatty Gemini, it is the ruler of fasts modes of communication, no wonder it is called the master of the airways. Any information Gemini receives, or comes across, it has to share with the others. This sign’s dual nature helps it adopt easily to any situation. Gemini may change their mind often due to the air quality of their nature.

This new moon in Gemini arrives with the goddess of charm Venus, hopefully to bring some diplomacy through communication. The planet of long term planning (Saturn) moves through their seventh house. It requires them to commit to long term relationships, and as the ruler of their seventh house( Jupiter) moves through their home, family section, family could bring them great great joy and opportunities.

Next mutable sign after Gemini is Virgo, it  the rules 6th, house of health, work, and service. So, lets say, you’re a Virgo, your sign is at the ninety degree angle to the Gemini, and you don’t quite get the adoptive nature of Gemini. Well, let me tell you this, you share your ruler mercury with the Gemini. You might be thinking that’s not possible, we don’t have much in common. Yes, there are differences due to your earth element. Gemini being an air sign deals with dispersal of the information, while Virgo being an earth sign wants to serve others by putting ideas into practical use.

I had read,(can’t recall where)that Virgo should be ruled by the asteroid Chiron because it deals with health and healing. I don’t think astrological community will ever agree to it because every sign requires a planet than a small body to rule it. So, it is not going to happen any time soon. Virgo being an earth sign needs lots of details to find a solution to a problem. Gathering and dispersion of the information is not their main objective. This new moon on the top section of Virgo chart will bring to attention the service it provides to the others. Mercury ruler of their sign also rules their prestigious 10th house. It makes very positive alignment with the fortunate Jupiter and powerful Pluto. This new moon on June 4th, brings great opportunity for Virgo to become a chirpy little Twitter bird. The difficulties could be due to the fog, confusion that comes from Neptune which transits through their partners/opponents section. There could also be pressure from Saturn as it moves through the bottom of their chart, but that hasn’t stopped them before.

If you belong to the sign of a grand vision and big picture (I am talking about Sagittarius of course), then Jupiter’s (your ruler)move through Virgo might not be very thrilling. The king of grand ideas and vision in sign of components, parts, and details? but lets not forget Virgo serves humanity. At times It might create the feeling as if instead of the forest you are forced to envision every single tree, branch, and leaf. Jupiter is staying in Virgo till the end of summer. Hopefully by the end of its visit every Sagittarius would have learned the value of service required by the Virgo. All those born under the freedom loving Sagittarius, specially the new arrivals (younger generation) need some lessons from the task master Saturn. As the planet that builds structures(Saturn), transits through Sagittarius, it may bring obstacles, but, without learning its rules we cannot pass through the door of maturity. It is time to buckle up because there’s no escaping this planet’s demands. Saturn will push us down to ground us, and Neptune at the bottom of the chart(home, family) is going to create major fog. These confusing times could bring the feeling of drift, but there is purpose behind all this chaos. With Saturn we learn patience and with Neptune we learn compassion.

Last mutable sign Pisces belongs to the water element, it deals with intuition. While Gemini can communicate, Virgo can authenticate, Sagittarius can 1provide the broader vision, watery Pisces will use its intuitive abilities to get to the bottom of the situation. Of course air, fire and earth signs don’t seem to  appreciate this sign’s elusive Jedi abilities. Its liquidity helps it change its mind and decisions easily. Same thing can be said of Gemini, but Gemini being an air element is not much concerned with the emotional side of things. It would rather disperse the information than worry about the sensitivity required.
Pisces is ruled by the Jupiter and Neptune. Their symbol of two fish swimming in the opposite direction describes their adaptability to their changing environment. With the new moon in their fourth house, home and family may require some attention. With Saturn in their tenth house and Jupiter in seventh house, their attention may also get divided between work, and partners.

This month’s mutable cross describes major themes that each mutable sign represents, and since planetary aspects and elements are not blending well, it could be difficult to understand others point of view, but due to the adoptive nature of the mutable cross and through open modes of communication we could find solutions.  We can also relate to those energies through our birth chart because these (fire, air, water, and earth) elements, signs, and planets are also part of each birth chart.

Life Without Gemini will become dull and slow. When it comes to speed and multi tasking abilities, Gemini holds the crown. This signs ability to communicate, send and receive messages at the lightning speeds is admirable. With the arrival of this new moon we all need to take a page from this sign’s book on how to become successful at the art of communication.  Thanks for reading!

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Born under the rays of the full moon!

Hello, all those lunar souls! born under the rays of the full moon? If you were born two to three days before the full moon or you have arrived two/three days after the full moon, as long as your birth was near this lunar phase then you can qualify as a lunar individual. You are here to surf the tides of lunar emotions! If you are born under the emotional waters of the zodiac signs,( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) then you are also sensitive to the currents of the full moon, but regardless of its close proximity to One’s birth sign or time, every human born on the planet earth can feel its power and relate to its magical spells. What’s so special about the full moon? It will be hard to find a human that has taken a stroll during the night and hasn’t been mesmerized by the full moon’s soothing light and breathless beauty.
There is no denying humanity’s emotional connection with this celestial object. Lovers meet under its light, poets write poems to describe its beauty, waves get wild during its fullness, its magical powers have been part of human society for eons, that silvery disc in the night sky has been humanity’s great joy. Science searches for its mineral composition, while astrologers observe humanity’s emotional connection with earth’s nearest celestial object. In astrology our moon is the second best position holder after our Sun. As it basks in the light of the Sun, it lights up the night sky,  creating a great vortex of emotional energy.
Every month moon’s journey begins with its conjunction to the Sun(new moon). It is the time of emotional equilibrium. The Sun(ego, desire, heart)  connects with the moon(emotion, feeling). As the moon moves through various signs and reaches its fullness those energies move further apart and We will feel this push and pull between those luminaries as a conflict between our desire, wants, needs and emotions. The sign and aspects of the full moon determines what kind of issues we will be dealing with.  Every now and then we observe a full moon that brings with it a major high tide of emotional energy. If full moon is in earth sign(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) than it requires us to find a practical solution.
If the full moon happens to be in a fire sign, it makes an aspect to the planet Mars, or Uranus, then there’s an instantaneous response, or rush to judgement. Some situations require urgent response, but in most cases we find better solution by not rushing. If the full moon happened to be in a water sign then some sensitivity is required to deal with the situation at hand. Full moon in an air sign will ignite the conversation to find the solution through ideas and communication. Since the moon relates to large body of water it will bring to the surface human emotions. We will need to observe moon’s connection to the other planet to get to the detailed picture.
Of course you will need to look at aspects of the full moon to your natal  planets to know how it is going to effects your personal life. Not all the full moons create crazy vortex of energy, if the moon makes an alliance with gentle Venus, or joyous Jupiter then it can be a time of great joy, celebration, and reunion. In astrology full moon is considered a large flashy neon sign pointing towards, visibility, discovery, completion, illumination, reflection, ending, or a reunions.

Learning the subject of astrology has been quite a journey. It began almost eight years ago. It is an ongoing process which couldn’t have been possible without the helpful insights and knowledge provided by fabulous writers and astrologers. These icons of astrology such as Susan Miller,  Raymond Merriman, Steven Forrest, and many others have inspired me to continue to learn! Thank you!

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Mercury, retro again!

Hello star sign visitors, here we go, mercury is retro again! As if life hasn’t been hectic enough, now we will be reviewing, redoing and making corrections  and lets not forget those electronic mess ups during mercury retro. So, if you’re thinking, oh no, not again! Well, let me tell you this time around it might even be a blessing in disguise. Its arrival in the Taurus might provide some needed relief from all that last month’s running around. Last month we were dealing with Mars energy( new moon in Aries, full moon in Scorpio). It is not for the faint of heart. This month the new moon arrives in Taurus(6th, May). I say lets give Venus a chance (goddess of love, beauty, diplomacy and financial gains)!

Getting back to the topic of mercury, No two mercury retro phases are ever alike, so this mercury retro will not effect you the same way as the last one did. Thank goodness for that! Basically mercury is a neutral planet and unlike outer planets it will not produce major changes but rather deliver the message. Aspects to mercury from other planets will determine what sorts of messages we are about to receive and what issues we will be dealing with.  Of course you have to observe the interaction between mercury and your natal planets to get to the full picture.

So, lets say, you are born under the sign of Taurus, or have a natal planets in this sign, or it could have been rising at the time of your birth, then you need to buckle up because you are in for a big surprise! No, not really, (I was kidding). We are not talking about the crazy energy of Uranus here! It isn’t month of sudden surprises, but rather opportunities rising from past efforts and connections.

What if, you were born with the most planets in the air or fire signs?Then this slow pace could be a bit frustrating, specially if you are an Aries, or a Gemini. These signs prefer speedy work! Fast delivery, super fast communication, and multi tasking abilities are the gifts associated with Gemini and its ruler mercury. As mercury slows down and changes direction(April, 28th through 22nd, May) it will be time to adjust to the steady pace of Taurus.

Mercury turns direct on May 22nd, but will not gain its full speed right away, so patience is required. May 3rd, may bring a wonderful opportunity to work towards your goal, be creative. You may receive an offer, meet someone related for work, or for a business deal. Due to a beautiful connection between the mighty sun and Jupiter, this energy could begin taking effect a day earlier on the 2nd May.

May 6th, we have the new moon in earthly Taurus.  This new moon will begin the conversation on the topics related to the money management, business, finances and hierarchies. That’s right! the mighty Taurus represents the big money masters(the bull). It also rules things of financial and personal value. Now, if you are thinking, I don’t have any Swiss accounts, and don’t own billion dollar assets, I wasn’t even born under this sign, why should I worry about it? Well, it doesn’t matter what kind of finances you have mercury in Taurus will surely keep the conversation going on those issues, this energy is present in every birth chart, so it is going to effect everyone in one way or another. Of course you will need to look at the house position and natal planets in your birth chart to get to the full picture.

Dear reader, Last month’s new moon in Aries ignited the fighting spirit of the Planet mars. This month’s new moon will touch the energy of sensual Venus, Goddess of love, pleasures and diplomacy. This energy will be at work for the first half of the month or until the arrival of the full moon. Lets be thankful for that. and hopefully through the positive alignment of mercury, Jupiter and Pluto, we may be able to find  practical solutions.
Thanks for reading!

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Mysterious universe!

There was always existence merged within the unknown. It was a seed hiding its potential. What was existence before the moment(birth)? It was creation in the darkness, a brilliant chandelier in the dark room, requiring the moment to ignite with all of its elegance and beauty.
After the creation our universe has formed vast amounts of matter, and numbers of Rocky worlds, some extremely large and others infinitely small. Some of those rocky worlds under the extreme heat and pressure have turned into the beautiful shining stars each quite unique. While others have remained scattered turning into the ashes, dirt and sand.

Within those rocky sands lie the power of creation. Given enough time, under the right temperature, heat and pressure, these ashes can bring forth diamonds, pearls and gems. Those left over dunes of sand and other small granules stick together to form beautiful Sandy beaches. Every morning with the sunrise these tiny dots sparkle with the golden silvery reflection. The creative, reflective side of the Neptune, makes it possible to observe the magic within our universe.

During the process of expansion our universe must have spread millions of seeds to create something extra ordinary. Some of those seeds traveled to the furthest edges of the universe, and became part of new creation. At the edge of our solar system resides a little black pearl(Pluto).It is quite rare, valuable, and unique. It rules hidden treasures and discoveries. It is considered the planet of power and presence. Like any other planet It has its shadows. It is known as the planet of death, rebirth and transformation. Pluto holds the power within to transform. It represents three stages of transformation, at its highest level it becomes a phoenix renewed and reborn out of its ashes. These transformational phases take time, like volcanoes slowly building heat and energy. At its highest stage as a Phoenix, it brings forth fertile ashes to renew the grounds for the new life to arrive. It exposes the treasures buried within the deepest parts of our solar system.

Each creation requires a unique spark. Its planetary rotation quite unique, almost as if it is trying to defying the laws. With the name so odd as Uranus it surely is an oddball within our solar system. There are many worlds within our universe that could have received the seeds of creation, but without the unique spark,(evolution) life couldn’t have taken roots. Uranus requires totally new and unique creative processes. It represents extreme chemical and electric impulses that can transform the world and societies. With Uranus we associate words like extra ordinary, shocking, surprising, creative, genius, out of sorts, rebellious, crazy, and brilliant.

All worlds exist because of the structures and laws. New creation can take roots in the right environment and under the right conditions. With Saturn we associate words like, reality,facts, practicality, discipline, rules, laws and structures. If Uranus is the spark, the DNA, and all that’s within the cell, then Saturn is the structure that holds it together, a cell wall. All structures to sustain life are associated with Saturn. In order for life to take roots on this new planet the Sun had to be at the right distances, the moon had to bring stability and certain weather pattern. With all proper systems in place, earth provided the nurturing and magnetic field to protect the new creation.

It took millions of years of evolution for human civilization to emerge. Humans not only found refuge within those rocky caves, but within short period they had learned to find the practical use for those rocky left overs. Humanity was entering the era of structural development. Humans were not only interested in understanding the forms and structures within their environment, they also wanted to replicate and reconstruct similar designs by observing the rules and laws of nature. Human civilization was learning to adopt to the efforts and discipline required by the Saturn.

It has taken humanity thousands of years to move beyond the Saturn and catch up to the fast electrifying impulses of Uranus. Human civilization is moving through the transformational phase towards outer planets. In the past few centuries human civilization has moved towards industrial and technological revolutions. During past few decades we have built systems(Saturn) that are capable of dispersing large volumes of data(mercury) at fast electrifying speeds(Uranus) over vast distances(Saturn), but without software(Neptune, soul) that runs through its circuits, these systems couldn’t function. Humanity is moving towards new era of technological advancements in the fields of virtual world, and biotech. What lies beyond the boundaries of Saturn, the craziness of the rebellious Uranus, and the fog of Neptune? Once humanity has mastered the transformational power of the Phoenix, and moves beyond our solar boundaries, we maybe able to connect to the mysterious universe.

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Cycles of creation and transformation!

Everything within existence goes through the cycles of creation,expansion, and transformation. This process began billions of years ago with a tiny seed sprouting into this vastness of space (our universe), from that moment onwards vast amounts of matter has formed. Within our universe exist giant columns of gas and dust clouds, this is the place where old decay is transformed into the new stars, and these new stars carry within their DNA history of our universe.

Our universe has a beginning, now it is in expansion phase, and billions of years from now, it will end, it could be a big crunch, dying of all stars, end of existing matter, black holes gobbling up all the stuff and then turning on each other, or it may even be something surprising that we haven’t discovered yet. There’s another possibility that our universe is already inside a giant black hole, or maybe it’s one giant simulation, whatever the reality maybe, Whether, it’s our universe, our galaxy, or our solar system, or life here on earth everything is part of a process of creation, destruction, and transformation.

Inside this large universe, tiny earth smaller then an atom. Within this planet lives this little species, it calls itself human, and within human there is a cosmic seed( mind). This being wants to explore and understand its connection to the universe. Inside human body live cells and viruses they also explore their environment. Each part of a larger cycle of creation, and transformation.

Humans are also going through the process of transforming their world by developing new and advanced technologies. Present day humans are eager to shorten vast distances by creating fast modes of communication and transportation. Humans are trying to bend or break laws of their universe, so nature of their reality and purpose of their existence could be understood.

Humanity lives within and connects through the bubbles/spheres of technologies, just as our universe is this large sphere of information and organic intelligence. Human life revolves around those spheres. Present day technologies have become essential part of our survival. Without these gizmos and gadgets modern day humans would lose capacity to connect to their environment. Humanity has become codependent on its creation for survival.

As humanity moves beyond creation and merges with technology through the process of transformation, what will be our ultimate destiny? Are we going to gain capabilities to move beyond our limits; learn new things, explore other worlds and travel to the farthest parts of our universe.
As we develop these self aware systems, and these systems learn to connect to other self aware devices through the global networks, what would these advance technologies learn by communicating with each other and by observing its creators? How will these cycles of creation and transformation effect humanity?

Humanity is part of something grand, and human civilization wants to replicate that grand design. As we move through the world of images brought by the Neptune in Pisces, and powerful Pluto in Capricorn transform our structures(Saturn)with the help of technological advancements(Uranus). What would become humanity’s ultimate destiny? What will humanity discover as it glances through the spheres of creation.
Thanks for visiting!

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That pesky Mercury, retro again!

Hello star sign visitors, I hope you had wonderful holidays, we begin this new year with a new moon in Capricorn on the 9th, so…. are you excited to move forward with all those new year resolutions? This new moon is in good place to help you with those long term plans, but there is a tiny glitch, well, you will need to be patient for next three weeks, because that pesky mercury has recently turned retro again. It is forcing all of us to slow down, go back and correct things. Mercury retro is usually good for repetition. So, let’s say you had worked at a company, or with a boss that you really liked, and now you want to go back for an interview, great.

You need to retake that test that you flunked a few times(just kidding)go ahead, but make sure you don’t fall into the trap of retro again, mercury retro is helpful if you work with it, you need to do your part and prepare. It is a green light for redoing and corrections. Now, if you are thinking about going back to an old girl friend or boyfriend, well, somethings require much more effort then mercury retro, and mercury retro is also famous for messing things up too, so listen to your mercury and don’t rush things. With retro you never know who you might bump into, It could be an old friend, a coworker, or a past relation.
Now let’s look at a different situation, mercury rules electronic, and moving parts, If that old beater of yours start to give you problems then it is time for an oil change or maintenance, if that fancy gadget you received as a Xmas gift starts to give you problem, before you panic, make sure batteries are working and installed properly.

If issues comes from your work, and you are thinking that old boss of mine seems to be much more crabby lately, and he is making me repeat things for no good reason. Well, maybe it is mercury retro, maybe it’s his pocket book that’s effecting his mood due to all that spending. After all, mercury is retro in Capricorn. Capricorn rules, bosses, business, corporations, government and people in authority, with Pluto, there is always power and money involved.

Now, if you are thinking geez for how long am I stuck in this mud? Well next new moon will bring you opportunity to ride the super fast wave, until then holding your horses will be a good idea. Within few days after the arrival of the new moon,(11 through 13) the mighty Sun will reach out to the Jupiter, you can use these days to work on projects, any offer that arrives during this time may also have positive outlook for the future, now take your time in accepting any offers because with mercury retro details might be missing and you may not have taken everything into consideration.

Dear reader, this new moon is about to bring you opportunities to make powerful changes. As it gets closer to the full moon around the 23rd, you may think you are ready to bolt out, but give it few days. On 25th, mercury goes direct. This full moon is in Leo the luxurious. It is known as the sign of celebrity and royalty. It is also known for its ego boost, so all those fine abilities that you have just remember not to over play them, if provided opportunity then be humble, we can always learn something new from others. Specially with mercury sitting right next to Pluto in Capricorn till the 30th, these days can be time of transformational ideas or source of unnecessary conflict. Once mercury changes direction, it will be time to move forward.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful new year!

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Saturn, the architect, Neptune, the dreamer!

Hello star sign visitors, Have you ever wondered what’s reality? When do boundaries of reality merge with dream or fantasy world? Is one state of being more important than the other? Can one exist without the other? And what would life be like, if we had no fantasies or dreams? Let’s look through the lens of astrology to find some answers. In astrology we associate Saturn with reality, here, now, facts, hard work, achievements, fear and control, while Neptune rules dreams, human spirit, imagination, inspiration, deception, connection to the unknown, sacrifice and sorrow.

We come to this world from unknown existence. To experience our earthly reality we need to merge with Saturn, and once we have mastered our earthly existence we will reunite again with our life of unknown(Neptune). Neptune represents universal conscious or truth, it is not bound by our earthly reality, it represents connection between all life forms. It requires us to let go of our earthly mind set and go beyond the boundaries of space time, here and now and merge with the universal truth.

Saturn represents our physical existence while Neptune speaks the language of human spirit. Neptune requires us to bypass our earthly senses and connect to the universal conscious. It may have some similarities to our lives before our births. It is process of merging and creation that happens to us without our knowledge.

After birth, we are still connected to universal conscious, reality of here and now hasn’t taken root yet. The beginning months of our lives could barely be described as present moments. We come to this world with no recollection of our Past, no concept of our present, and no plans for our future. We connect to the outside world through very few vocal sound. In early stages of life we are not even aware of our state of being human or anything else. We are still part of the universal conscious.

Our survival depends upon learning and working through the hard lessons of our earthly life. Our first words, first steps, kindergarten, high school graduation, college degree, first job, are all mile stones that require discipline and great effort. We were born to reach our full potential but, can we live our lives by only following our Saturn. What about the gift of fantasy, dream, inspiration. Most of our great ideas begin with those inspiring thoughts and dreams. Many of past and present day artists, musicians, singers, writers and even people working in fields of science and technology need to work with their Neptune.

We have come to this world to work on our dreams, and to give form to all those ideas that live inside our mind. Saturn is the planet that gives form to our imagination and brings it into the solid world. We see it happening in our every day life, when a painting, a song, a novel, and a movie becomes part of millions of lives, it connects humanity from all parts of our world. When humans create technology that benefits all of humanity, and it connects people from all walks of life. When drugs are made to save millions of lives. Saturn is the planet that manifests what Neptune desires. Saturn and Neptune are connected to each other like body to the soul. Both these planets carry their shadows, or negative sides. Neptune brings deception, fog, confusion while Saturn brings fears, ridged attitude, and desire for control. Can we overcame those shadows?

Saturn is practical and earthly, Neptune is water, inspirational and emotional. Saturn needs Neptune’s waters to create flowers, and Neptune needs Saturn’s boundaries to channel through. Saturn is the architect and builder while Neptune is the dreamer and idealist of our zodiac. We can understand our true calling by combining those energies.

In this technological era while Saturn builds new foundations, and Neptune dissolves boundaries it is difficult to distinguish facts from various versions of truth. It is merging process between polar opposites, reality may emerge as something totally different than what we had imagined!
Thanks for visiting!

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